Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday EQ7 - Wreath Maker - flowers

Wreath Maker is FUN in EQ7
(and now that I got EQstitch I'm having even MORE fun)

Have you ever played with wreath maker?

Here's a flower applique made with the wreath maker!

First start a new block and pick patchDraw Motif

Now if you already follow my blog you know I've been making a quilt with a fabric line called "mellow yellow" by Red rooster.
I was looking at one of the main fabrics and thought they were such COOL flowers.
So import the fabric as a picture ( I know my file is different than the link above- but THIS flower is still on there)

Just insert the picture and it will be toned down on the "tracing image" tab
 we'll work on the applique tab
Draw a circle, starting at the top of the yellow petal and down toward the center
(I think because I have the EQStitch add-on it draws true circles now and not ovals, but just hold down SHIFT or CTRL to make a perfect circle!- not that you NEED a perfect circle)

Now using the "shape" picker/button squeeze the circle on the sides to make a skinny oval like this

Now the fun part! this is where it takes some experimentation
I counted 16 petals, so click the wreath maker toward the top, and I selected 16 clusters, spacing of 50% and left the size at 100%

 If you don't like that you can increase or decrease the spacing, it's up to you!
 Once you're happy with the wreath, select it and move it to the side- white area- for now.

Now using the tear drop try to duplicate the black inner petals, again you may have to squeeze it skinnier on the sides :-)

Now flip the petal so the curvy part is on top, when you make a wreath, the item that starts the wreath is always at 12o'clock, - a good thing to remember

Now make a wreath again with 16 petals

I also went back and rotated the whole thing 10 degrees, just to off-set everything a little
 again move that off to the side
 Now make the circles for the center
 I went back to the tracing image tab and right clicked and deleted the image- it's just distracting!
 Then go back on the applique tab and select the larger wreath first and hit the CENTER button

then the smaller wreath and do the same thing
 and lastly the circles
COOL! look at THAT!!

Now color it!
Let's try one more!
Go back to tracing image and import the same file
Now make a circle for this flower

 It has 5 petals
 a nice tight wreath
 move that aside again
Now copy that wreath and rotate the 2nd one
The start on the small circles

 there's 20 in that one!!
 There's also some rectangles

 Here's what the wreath looks like uncolored- I sized it to 6" btw

Want to do one more??
I used this crooked tear drop shape and first time I drew it I started from the bottom and went UP.
it took some finessing to get it close to the right shape
 Then copy and past it once and flip one so they face each other, pick both of those and make a wreath with 12 clusters


Now I didn't feel like making any more little rectangles so I just made a wreath with diamonds and then some small circles.
 Here's some of the wreaths where I used the embroidery feature of EQstitch :-)

Here's pics that a blogger friend Mary actually stitched out!

A few snowflake type of redwork/bluework blocks :-)

 Now go try WREATH MAKER!!
If you make something, I'd love to see it/we'd love to see it.
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Gene Black said...

I have enjoyed playing with the Wreath maker in EQ Stitch. I am linking to the design I have sewn out -in the post are some other designs that are not made with the wreath maker.

Sibyl said...

That is so neat--to be able to make motifs from fabric to stitch on your embroidery machine---I don't have any of the EQ software--I am not very savvy when it comes to that kind of stuff--usually purchase designs, or have someone to digitize for me.

Hope you are having fun with your new "baby".


Needled Mom said...

It's so fun to see how you did your design. I just wish I have your tech skills. You are going to really enjoy your embroidery machine!

Nancy said...

Great tutorial. I can't wait to try the wreath designs using EQStitch.

Kathy said...

Bea...I see you and Sonja are super stars over at EQ Stitch you were featured on my email from them today congrats!!!...Your tutorial is great and keep up the beautiful inspiration