Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring quilt

Remember I mentioned earlier about some spring blocks I had from a swap

Here’s a sketch from EQ7 I decided to use

The middle border uses 2 1/2” wide strips

spring block swap1

Perfect for binding strip scraps!! which is overflowing BTW Smile


So I picked out the most SPRING ones


Ha! can’t even tell!! hmmm (I do have a plan for the rest of these though!!

I know scrappy trip around the world blocks are all the RAGE on blogger lately and I THINK I want to do it too! following Bonnie Hunter’s directions here


Here’s my pile of “spring” strips all ironed and ready


I cut them all into 3 1/2” sections and it was easier to count by 10s so each pile has 10 with a total of 81.


When I sewed them together I picked randomly from the 10 piles and also looked at the EQ sketch to count how many sections were in each row.

I ironed toward the “dark” which could vary depending the set. In one set a yellow might be a light but paired with white it was counted as dark.


Here’s the finished top


Here’s the latest Ahhhh’s too

This one is #12

March 001


March 002

Last night my husband was playing with Sonja on the floor with Peanut Smile

March 019March 020March 021March 022

And I finally got more pre-wound bobbins and got to play some more this morning!

March 001 (2)

This Bee is in EQ Stitch, I changed the mouth a little, the text is arched in the brother machine

March 002 (2)

This label will be BIG, the hoop is 5x7

March 008 (2)

Here’s the completed label.

It took 28min to stitch out.

(Can’t remember the stitch count but I think it was around 16000)


Now this is for a friend, BUT If I would SELL this, how much should I charge for it? I read somewhere to charge $1 per 1000 stitches. well that seems a bit high for “just” a label, but with 30 min work….. I don’t know


My son then wanted a basketball to be made into a pillow, he picked some black dotted fabric. The basket ball was also in EQ Stitch


the embroidery here on the ball is super DENSE, the underlay was maybe 4 different directions!


A cute basketball! –sorry can’t say CUTE about boy stuff…. umm it’s COOL!!


(again I did this post in live writer, but is there a way to auto add a signature every time?)


Carol said...

A scrappy trip around the world is what I need. My bitty scrap bins are overflowing.

Needled Mom said...

The spring scraps look so pretty.

That is one BIG dog!!! Oh my. I'll bet he eats you out of house and home.

The basketball does look "cute" even if you are not to say that.

Carla said...

Very pretty quilt. Have fun with your scrappy trip ; )
Okay, your dog is SO big....

Michele said...

That scrappy border is perfect for that quilt and using up scraps is never a bad thing. I'm sure it is fun to watch the baby and the dog interact. So tiny and so big.

Anonymous said...

How perfectly springy that quilt looks! Have you checked out the squares patterns on Deanna's blog?