Friday, March 8, 2013

Floral Quilt along part 2

Here's part 2 of the quilt along

we'll be making this block (4 of them)

first click and download this pdf
print it 4 times.
Make sure you print AS IS and NOT shrink to fit.
maybe print a test page first :-)

measure from the edges and it should measure 4 1/2"

I actually rotary cut these papers too, just rough cut around the squares by stacking the papers 4 at a time (4 of the same of course)

 Now Cut out the following from your fabrics:
White print cut (24) 4 ½” squares
Yellow cut (8) 4 ½” squares
Red floral lg cut (4) 4 ½” squares, (16) 5 ½” squares, cut diagonally to make 32.

Using 16 white squares, pin to the back of the paper templates, just pin at the bottom and make sure it covers the outside line, it's okay at the top if it's a little bit inside the outer template line

Now fold on one side

With the "add a quarter" ruler, trim off 1/4"
or use a regular ruler, this ruler just makes it EASIER :-)

you can also help crease the paper by using a flat ruler

Here's the front of the block (back of paper)

 Now add the red triangles, I like to sort of line up the tip of the triangle with the tip of the paper template, so actually the red is not centered on the block, you can fold back at the seam line and check to make sure it covers it all properly

Now flip the paper over and with a short stitch length, sew down the line, iron toward red

Then fold down the other side, I actually tear a little in the paper to make it lie flat, it easily "tears" in the previous seam line

stitch on the line again and iron toward red

Now trim on the outer line! look at all that mess!! :-)

remove papers from the back

I like to lay out my block pieces and see what it will look like,
here there's 4 stacks of everything = 4 blocks :-)

sew blocks together and just like last week, iron toward the solid fabric parts

here's my finished block

and 4 of them
They measure 12 1/2" (12" done)

I'm NOT doing a linky this week, as I still want you to link up on last weeks post and VOTE for your favorite and also anyone can leave a comment, there will be 3 winners.

Have fun!!
Next week we'll work on paper templates

Later today I'm doing Quilter's gallery blog hop, join the f


Belinda said...

Oooh fun. I'll be working on this tomorrow!!

Fibercrafter said...

OOh - love your background fabric. Can you please share what line it's from?

Jan Taylor said...

Rainy day here, good time to sew! said...

Oh dear, is ther anyway to do something besides paper piecing? I have block 1 almost done but paper pieceing isn't on my bucket list right now. Can there be a second choice for those of us who are chickens? Thanks

Maureen Clifford said...

Hi Bea! I've finished my blocks but I'm not sure how to link them up since it says the "linky is closed" on the first blocks post.
This was a great block! It went together beautifully!