Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's MMRR is here and more

I finally got a squishy package in the mail!!
My Quilt u be mine quilt is back and it's a gorgeous runner!
I love it!!
truly worth the wait :-)
look at these small pieced hearts too and a flange, everyone did such a great job!

I just sent off the next round of MMRR2
not much to see :P
Now did you see EQ just release EQ stitch!!
it looks awesome..... I'd LOVE to try it, BUT I am missing
this PED basic, I bought it a few years ago, but I don't know what happened, I found the CD and maybe even the CARD but not the LINK...... UGH!! it's $100 too online :-(
So sewcalgal "inspired" me to go thru a corner or a box for 15 min and keep doing that, so this was my CORNER I wanted to tackle today.

Well I cleaned out the whole shelf, the whole length of the room of BOTH sides of the room.
Nice room to display my pin cushions now!!

and the other side is all NEAT with just the red snappers and extension table next to the long arm frame.... AND yes! I did sort those shelves too- it wasn't there!
I'm sure it's in the addic now, but my husband says no....

I finished another customer quilt- another T shirt quilt- YES the picture is sideways, but I did that to show the shirts
I also worked on the bible BOWs
here's the beginning of Hannah, all FPP

and appliqued octagon on top!

here's RUTH, the middle is EPP, then I appliqued circles onto the background and machine appliqued the EPP parts on top, not easy when I didn't glue it down like I normally do with applique, I didn't trim it, because I think the stitching skewed the block a bit so I'll wait until I make the quilt.

look at this beautiful cake! someone on a danish patchwork group on facebook made this! yummy....
and get this one??

BTW I have a little BEEF with our home owners insurance company, when we moved out here it was maybe $700 a year to insure, kept going up, this year it more than doubled and a "good" rate we found was 1800, but then we got a letter a few weeks later that they are dropping us on march 1st....!
we are more than 5miles away from a fire station, so in NC they changed this law last year I think, that instead of being a "section" 9 we are now a 10 and many insurance companies won't touch us! UGH UGH!! so now I'm on a hunt to find someone to BUG about building a fire station SOON, I've spoken to fire chief, fire marshall, now left a msg for a commissioner....
when we first moved here my neighbor took on the task to get high speed internet out here and got the run-around from Century-stink... some of us even showed up at a legislative meeting in Raleigh and gave our 3min speeches, it worked!!
Stay tuned for more quilt along info AND
an EQ blog hop!!


Pat from Florida said...

Love your runner. WOB blocks are looking good too. I'm away this week, so no sewing on those. I'm doing handwork in a hotel. Very relaxing!

Dayquilt said...

The cake looks yummy! Somewhere I've seen chocolates for sale that look like those buttons...

Debbie said...

I know absolutely nothing about the EQ but if I am looking at the picture that you have the part with the wire (link) is what you are missing? I think that is just a card reader with a pretty pic of the EQ logo on it. If it is bring your card to any store that carries computer parts, even walmart, and get a reader that it fits. Oh and it should be under $10

Michele said...

Your runner turned out really great. So sorry that you are having to hunt for the missing piece. Hopefully it turns up soon. At least you're getting some straightening up done and that is never a bad thing. Insurance can be great but it can also be a real pain. Good luck.