Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tutorial Tuesday Fat quarters continued.

Tutorial Tuesday
Fat Quarters- continued
I thought I would show some more on figuring out FQs in EQ- hey say that 10 times in a row1?
FQ in EQ, FQ in EQ... lol
You remember how I made this one a while ago, and made it into a tutorial too with a Riley Blake FQ bundle, last tutorial I showed how to color in the parts of the block to see if it would fit on a FQ.
See how it shows 3/8yd!! well it DOES fit on a FQ.... let me show you what I did
First I measured the circle since that's appliqued on top and I punch it out with my Go! cutter
it's 3" so I'd need at least 3 1/2" square to cut out for the circle

Then I previewed the cutting directions and wrote them all down on a scrap piece of paper- or you can print it out of course.

Then I went back and created a NEW block- easyDraw block

I made it 20" x 18" - like a Fat Quarter!!
I had the snaps at 40 x 36 so I can work in 1/2" increments too.
The grid is set at 20 x 18 also

So following my cutting directions I started with the largest pieces first and drew everything in.
here I colored them to show you, normally I don't do that
the top yellow are the large bars around the block
orange is the large triangles in the star block
small triangles are the points of the star
red is center block
green and blue are the corner  blocks on outer edges and inside
dark blue is the circle
See! plenty of space
of course when I cut, I would cut closer together, but this is just to make sure it would fit!
here it's colored the way I swap the colors around on the block, grey goes together on the same block and pink goes together on the same block.

I just used this method for a quilt for Quilt it today- it's great to do it this way :-)
Here's a link up. anyone tried a method for designing FQ quilts in EQ? show what you did or at least completed quilts.

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