Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt along in March?

on my previous post, I asked about either doing a mystery quilt or a Quilt along where you get a preview, and most people want to see the final idea before making it.
Now WHICH one??
I have some specific pastel fabrics I want to use- maybe I'll change my mind, but these are the ideas- it does look like I need more of a contrast though
This was my original "mystery" idea
#2 does have some foundation piecing

#3 simple triangles and squares

#4 also foundation piecing/ templates for the border

#5 squares and triangles

#6 whole quilt design
I might change the designs a little and I might change the fabrics - I haven't decided
But let's VOTE on which one you'd like??
LIKE which one you want to do and comment if you're joining!! I'll start in March, but maybe list yardage next week some time....



Wanda Correll said...

I would love to join but there are a few things that have priority. If I can get them done (praying it happens in time), I will be joining.


Janet said...

I love # 2. I'd like to join but also have to catch up on some things and can't commit right now. But I'll see how things are once you start.

cyndiofthevortex said...

The pinwheel is one of my favorite designs, so I vote for #5. I've yet to start a new quilt this year (have been working on UFOs) and have never made a mystery quilt or done a quilt-a-long, so I'd be very interested in joining you.

Katrina said...

#3 looks almost identical to the QAL that I just finished on my blog LOL!

Great minds think alike LOL!

Deb C said...

They are all very nice; I voted for my favorite! I hope to join in, but I might fall behind a bit! said...

I would go with.#2, #3, and #5. I like #1 also. Whichever you choose I hope its for a confident beginner.

Pat from Florida said...

I voted. I have a lot going, so we'll see if I can join, but I'd love to, especially if my favorite, #6, wins. If one of the ones with lots of small pieces wins, I'll probably pass, because I already have Easy Street going with Bonnie Hunter, and a mystery on Inklingo with Linda and Monkey too. But I love your blog, and your work, and it's very tempting.

Alwayskeptintap said...

I vote for #6, pls.
Thanks for offering this event!
Cathy vJ

Maureen Clifford said...

I like #2 the best and would join along! I have a collection of fabrics just waiting for a project.

snausages22 said...

Hi Bea!
I voted for #2!
And, I would like to participate.
Jacqueline Van Horn

Kirsten Bøttcher said...

Absolut nr. 6. den er super flot.
Hilsen fra Fyn

Rosa said...

I`d go with : #6,#4,#2!

Connie said...

They are all neat but I voted for #6 Bea!

Margaret said...

I might be joining. I have several things on my plate right now and we are leaving this week for vacation in Florida. It is only 7 degrees here today. I am ready for some heat that doesn't come from my furnace.

Debbie said...

Sorry I chime in this late, I've got to fix my email if I get on a different computer it doesn't download these posts to my mail reader. Anyway... I like all EXCEPT #1 and maybe it's just the color choices in it. so I'm happy :)