Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hexie overload

I got a package in the mail the other day....
HEXIES!!! or rather AHHHH's
there's 10 total this month and I got 2 of each PLUS a few where I ordered extras AND a sewline glue stick.
This is #3, I'm not LOVING it, but it's okay
and another #2

This is #4, cut me NUTS!!! see all those little pieces? and those triangles are 1/4"

This is the "shape"
here's 2 I colored for Tonya to get ideas

So yesterday morning we had our monthly neighborhood get-together so I figured I needed a portable project and prepped #4 hexie, well it took me over an hour!
Here's what I did.
I used the sewline glue stick- it's nice because the glue is sort of thick, unlike school glue and it's a finer glue

fits perfectly on the tip

I glued them onto the fabric

the larger pieces I used a regular glue stick I had, just to "save" on the fancy glue

Once I cut out the shapes I took the sewline glue and added a line close to the edge on the cardstock

and folded over the edge- I could do about 3-4 at a time before the glue would dry

I used paper underneath.
first to prevent glue from going all over the place

but also so I could turn the paper and glue the other side of the shapes

here's everything glued together and ready

I worked in sections, first I did the middle hexagon then the triangles on the outer border, which I then made into the outer "logs"- diamond/triangle/diamond.
Now my hexie is NOT flat, not sure what happened, if it's the fabric or ME or glue or what...
though I haven't removed the cardstock yet, so maybe that will help

see the center :-)

Here's a women of the bible BOW- Naomi, the block in EQ was HARD so I modified it, well I wasn't sure about the cutting directions so--- well, it's not lining up right, I think I might need to re-do the block- LATER...

look who's starting to SIT up!! she still doesn't have 100% control and may fall backwards so I have lots of pillows behind her, forward she's somewhat okay, of course she sits on a quilt and playmat so it's not TOO hard to land on, but still...

Here's some quilt pics from facebook and elsewhere :-)
I want to live here!!

isn't this a cool building??

Here's an update on my 2013 list

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- giving these a break now
#3 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - backing fabrics here
#4 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, soaked top
#5 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 6 Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt
#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show - top done adding vine on border
#9 won 9 march BOM -dotted flowers -DONE!
#10 Round Robin swap -TOP done and ready to quilt
#11- drunkard's path- top done
#12- Hidden forest- applique- traced owl
#13 pin cushion swap - mailed
#14geese in a ring- 6 blocks are here
#15 christmas tree skirt- top done
#16 hexies- 43 flowers done and sewn together
#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- block #14 Jael done
#18 Boxes!- fabrics are here
#19 McCall's #5 diamond in squares - DONE! & mailed
#20- roman holiday- kit
#21 Benertex floral quilt- top done ready to quilt
#22 Valentine's Round Robin- Jan done and mailed
#23 Woven Stars for CT - DONE!
#24 Quilt it today #2- red, white and blue quilt-working on binding
#25- easy street- top done, may need a border?
#26 McCall's #6 flower star- DONE!
#27 McCall's #7- "crazy daisy" - all fabrics here
#28- Book quilt- just planned
#29 and 30(December) twin boy quilts -spider web quilt,scrapping the spider quilt, planning twist on bargello instead
#31 "birds"(Jan), #3 quilt it today- DONE
#32 winding reds(Jan) #4 quilt it today- Done and ready to mail
#33- (feb)CT botanical fabrics- working on top to sell pattern- pieces cut out
#34 (feb)Ahhhh's- 11 done??
#35 MMRR2- just received feb. already sent mine out
#36 (feb) T-shirt quilt planned


Mommarock said...

I see how you glued the one side of the teeny 1/4" triangles. Now, my questions are, how do you work the bulk of the folds? And with all of the pieces in this does it change the size at all using paper piecing? Do you have to do anything to complensate for the size say for something with a LOT of pieces compared to something with few? I was thinking of paper piecing Dear Jane..and wanted to know if I needed to do anything different to EPP it.

Snoodles said...

Wow! That is an incredible block! Way to go, girl! Where is that building, by the way? It's cool!

Janet O. said...

That is an amazing block with those 1/4" triangles. Your fussy cutting of fabrics made it incredible--for that matter, the fussy cutting on #2 made a beautiful, lacy snowflake.
Is it possible for Sonja to keep getting cuter every time I see her? : )

Hillbilly Tonya said...

you did a fabulous job and you always get so so much done! You've proven that one can sew itty bitty pcs!

Not sure your struggle with glue but I hope to get a video made someday that will show how I do it.

Pat from Florida said...

Sonja is sitting up???? Wow! They sure grow fast. She's such a beauty!

Love that last hexagon. 1/4" hexagons? Have you gone nuts???

WOB is unique. Leave it. It might grow on you. It's a strange block this week.

ritainalaska said...

love those hexies! ambitious but fascinating! itried glue basting a batch of one inch hexies ... that went really fast! but, after i sewed them together, i couldn't get the papers out! i had run a line of stick glue along the edge and folded as i went. i had to cut them apart to get the papers out. the papers were o.k. and i cut and tacked new fabric on. next time i try glue, i'll just glue the corners where the folds meet.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

That hexie with a million pieces still looks amazing! how long did it take to sew it together?

I've never heard of the Women of the Bible BOM but I'm going to google it now.

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow! Makes me very glad I have not jumped onto the Hexie bandwagon LOL!!! That's an amazing block - really cool :*)

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Somos mesmo um bando de loucos.
Lindas peças,estou coçando,mas esta semana nem posso pensar ...Ando atolada de coisas para fazer e ainda escolhi ORGANIZAÇÃO para 2013,casa,trabalho de costura, um casal de netos,e ainda os etc...ufa!!!Mas que graça esta menina linda sentada,não se preocupe daqui a pouco ela acha o equilibrio.
Beijos e Bençãos para toda família.

Silvana said...

That is an incredible block! I use the same technique!

Michele said...

I'm glad it is you making those hexies and not me. I'm just not into the crazy myself. Yeah for little missy and the quilty photos are great. Keep them coming.

Kay Stephenson said...

I love the idea of using a glue stick! I've been making hexies out of freezer paper and ironing them on, but I think your idea is easier for a project to take on the road. I've also experimented with using straight pins to hold shape in place before cutting and that works OK, but then I worry about the pins ending up every which way on the floor and one of us stepping on one.