Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- making a chick block

How to make CHICK block
Last week I showed my quilt in McCall's here
and I got a comment from sewcalgal and she sort of gave me the idea to do a tutorial about this chick quilt/block.
This was designed last spring so I tried to remember HOW I did the chick block :-)
If you search for CHICK in EQ7 you'll get this block.
It's still cute, but I wanted a front view
like this one :-)

begin a new block
BLOCK/new block/ easy draw +PatchDraw
Now pick the applique tab

Draw a circle

If you hold down CTRL while drawing the circle it will be a perfect circle instead of an oval

Here's my line drawing of the chick- yeah I cheated and went back to copy over the parts but I will try to go into detail about the rest

Draw a triangle for the beak

At the top you can rotate it 180 degrees

like this!

Not everything has to be your own "original" design, you can "steal" some from other blocks
Here I selected the "foot" from the chick, or it a claw?? well whatever it is, I copied it and pasted into the block I was working on... you did SAVE it right??

Now I wanted a more simple shape still

click the 2nd arrow from the top: SHAPE
and select the foot and click one of the dots of the "intersections" or corners of the foot

at the top you can DELETE a point or a NODE
do that to smooth out the bottom of the foot
Now select the line from the toe to the ankle

at the top again you can change to CURVE

And do the same on the other side

Now copy and paste the foot and FLIP one using the button on the top

You can free-draw the wings, here's it's a bit sloppy

but once you let go of the mouse it's smooths out

What do you think? what to try making your own animals or a chick? or have you done one already?
If so, link up, WE want to see what you've done!



SewCalGal said...

Bea, this chick is so cute. I am going to see if I can create a chick this week using your tutorial. Thanks.


Carla said...

Thanks so much for sharing how you creatd. Love this cute chick!

barbara woods said...

That's neat