Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tutorial Tuesday stencil- quilting designs

This is something I really never played with.
Quilting designs/ stencils
Do you do that a lot in EQ??
Here's a quilt I actually made a top for and I was stumped for quilting designs.
So I went into block library
Then chose stencils

there's cool border designs

and filler designs or block designs

I added a bunch to my sketchbook

Here I picked one and on LAYER 3 I held down SHIFT and dragged the motif onto a block, you can select it again and change the block size if you didn't get it right the first time, then I picked it again and CTRL C, CTRL V, copy and pasted it again

then SHIFT and picked both blocks and copy and pasted again and moved them down on the 2nd row and continued until the quilt was filled

I did the same with another motif, the picked this leaf vine for the border

I rotated ONE block first for the top, then copied it again to fill in the rest

Then copied the row over to the background and did the TURN button, hit each block twice, it looks like it traced it 3 times on top of each other, but don't worry about that

once it's all done, I selected the row again and all the tracings went away
You can also use your block and TRACE it into block design and work on it there


here I did a curve from corner to corner again and then changed the curvy-ness of each one, then added to sketchbook- now it did go under my regular blocks, not under stencils, don't know why it did that, maybe I did something wrong, but it doesn't really matter

here's the curvey design
and here's the finished look!

Have you tried the stencils and added quilting designs on top of a quilt?
 Then link up!!




Cyn said...

Yes, I have done it but it was a while ago. I'll try to find my exported image to share. I love the idea of tracing one's block and creating a quilting pattern from that. You are one smart cookie, Bea! Thank you for writing out these weekly tutes and hosting a linky party!

Rosa said...

Yes.I handquilting and use stencils.

Melody said...

Looks like you have been having lots of fun playing with your computer.

Carla said...

Your blog is sew helpful just wish I could work faster. ;o)