Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday EQ7 How to determine a FQ pattern

I had a "conversation" with a fellow blogger who said she had a hard time trying to figure out Fat quarter friendly patterns in EQ.
here's MY tip :-)
So I have this file already- I made a quilt using Riley Blake FQs a while ago
Of course you know how to preview fabric yardage??!!
I went back to the quilt and picked a random color and colored in parts of the block

then checked the yardage again and BINGO! 1/4yd

I tried to color the other part of the block on a different block

well it MIGHT work it says 3/8yd ( I know it works from when I made the quilt) if you aren't sure maybe sew a block together to test it

I even had the star block without the circle in the middle, but that also showed 3/8yd
but you see how I just colored the whole block.

Now another quilt, simple pinwheel and rail fence quilt

instead of going back and forth several times, I colored one block in blue and another in red, here I did 3 blocks in red, but it would be the same to color the "rails" in ONE block.

the blue shows 1/4yd and the red 1/8yd

see how it's the same to color one whole rail fence block

Now just to test it out I colored the whole pinwheel block red too

and the yardage is STILL 1/4yd
PLUS the dark red AND the purple is 1/4yd together

Now it's time to GUESS how many FQs I need, back to the main quilt

by just looking at the yardage it won't help

go back and color just the borders a different color

Now you see the yardage, the total for the pinwheels is 2yds =8 FQs
and for the pinwheels it's 2yds also. =8FQs

Let's double check.
Knowing that 1 FQ makes 1 pinwheel block, there's 17 block, so MAYBE we actually need more??
The rail fence block 1FQ= 2 blocks and there's 18 blocks so that's 9 FQs, that fits better
let's go back and add some more to the pinwheel block
here I colored 1 1/2pinwheel blocks green
yardage is still 1/4
how about 2 whole pinwheels then?

hmm, yardage is 3/8 so it MIGHT work, but not sure.

so if we stick with 1 1/2 pinwheels =1FQ then you'd need 11.3 FQs, so 12.
If you THINK you can fit 2 on a FQ, and there's 17 of them then 9FQs is enough.
You can even go in and look at the cutting directions.
let's just round up to 5" and a FQ is 18 x 20"
so you can fit 3 x4 squares on a FQ or at least 3 x 3 which is 9.
4 squares makes a pinwheel block, so easily 1 pinwheel blocks per FQ!
so I'd get 9FQs for 17 blocks
and 9 for the rail blocks
You can of course look at the cutting for the rail fence too, you get the idea.
Often bundles are at least 20 right, so that's PERFECT!
one bundle and yardage for borders and binding to make this quilt


Mommarock said...

That really helps make things easier. I often hate to cut into a fat quarter bundle afraid I will run out of fabric before I can finish a quilt. Thank you so SEW much!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Obrigada.Estou só juntando as suas aulas,um dia vou recorrer a elas para me ajudar a entender esse tal de EQ.
Sim ... continuo economizando

Virginia said...

Great tutorial. I've always wondered this but never spent the time to figure it out. thanks as always for the great tutorials

Connie said...

Another great tutorial Bea, you are becoming THE expert with EQ! Thanks for sharing.
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Shelley said...

That makes so much sense when you explain it this way!! I'm printing off today's tut and putting it in my EQ 7 notes! Thanks!

SewCalGal said...

Very helpful Bea. I love your EQ7 Tutorial Tuesdays!