Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just some EQ fun

I've been having some fun with EQ7 again :-)
This is VERY picture heavy, so be patient
I woke up the other day and thought of a block looking like a sunset so I created this one
did an alternate pinwheel block
thought that was too much so did a plain grey as alternate
Then I filled the whole quilt with the block and tilted them and had them be opposite of each other, kind of cool look!
what about in grey and black, uhhh!

I played with the grey colors

Though I don't like orange, this was kind of fun

went back to my favorite color- blue!

now rotating the blocks again, is a totally different look

now how about this? kind of robotic looking. Don't you think?

then I went back and found a block where I changed just a little bit!
I changed the HOURGLASS block, instead of a 45 degree triangle I changed it from the top to the middle of the four patch part
An interesting look

looks better with black in the background

here it is again, maybe the triangle is smaller than the real block

a chain look in greens

if I made it scrappy it looks a lot different

now i changed the white "background" every other one to be black, a totally different look

This I named fan trick

Here I had the blocks face each other and added corner triangles
by changing the colors in rows, it created a fun look

and back to the original one just flipping every other block

Then I went back and colored them sort of like a monkey wrench block

here it's just two colors

how about a scrappy look??

Now a rail fence block with corner triangles, they look kind of round!

by rotating every other block, it looks totally different

another play with colors

adding some black and grey

tried more pastels and high lighted the FAN part of the blocks

Someone ( I think Alycia) had some quilt of valor quilts with this specific block, her and I emailed back and forth talking about EQ and this block, I found it was called a flying goose!
here they are facing each other

with a black background

this was one of her quilts

now just rotating the blocks, it's totally different

Now GO play with EQ- if you have it :-)


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Pena,ainda não...mas continuo economizando calcinhas(cuecas)kkkkkk
Sou brasileira,não desisto NUNCA!!!!


Carla said...

Your so good on the computer! Well done

Pat from Florida said...

Too much fun! I REALLY need to learn to use my EQ7!!!

Melody said...

Looks like you had so much fun playing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Small changes make big differences! What fun!

Carla said...

Wow. It's funny how color changes the whole look or just a simple twist of the block. I need to play more with my EQ but then I need to be more productive period. Work and life keeps getting in my way.