Monday, January 21, 2013

Great birthday weekend

Yesterday was my birthday! - as you may know :-)
Last week- mid week I think, I asked my husband if he orderd my birthday gift yet, he said" what do you want" I've bugged him about a light table for a while, so that's what I said and let him actually PICK which one on amazon. It got here on time :-)
isn't it nicely wrapped??
This is actually a quilt for Connecting threads...
here's the light table box!

funny, it had this blue film on it, which I removed of course

This weekend I was planning the TWIN quilts, I had this car traffic fabric, so I found some matching fabrics

also had a pooh fabric, the matching choices are more muted
I think I've changed some around a bit and now I found another kid fishy fabric that I might use instead, we'll see

here's the 2nd choice for pooh.

The other day while folding laundry, I put Sonja in the baske of clean clothes :-)
she liked it in there

And here's a birthday pic of Sonja and I- umm should have taken a pic with all my kids.

Our friend Gwen came to visit for the weekend and her room mate gave me this runner.
Gwen baked a cake and gave me a card- she just recently gave us lots of goodies from Singapore and licorice from germany for me :-)

THIS is the back of a quilt for Mccall's! it's going out in the mail tomorrow

And this is the back for a quilt for Quilt it.. today, also going out tomorrow
Plus I got this surprise in the mail saturday all the way from Australia

This is the Bible BOW, JAEL
I never heard of her before, then read the story of how she killed someone with a tent peg right thru his skull!! Oh my...
well, the block is a tent block, very "tricky" to piece, I had to modify the block in EQ, but finally got it to look nice, here's the main part of the block, I laid it onto stabilizer

then ironed on these curves and stitched around

see the back.

Here's an update on my 2013 list

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- giving these a break now
#3 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - backing fabrics ordered
#4 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
#5 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 6 Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt
#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show - top done adding vine on border
#9 won 9 march BOM -dotted flowers -DONE!
#10 Round Robin swap -TOP done and ready to quilt
#11- drunkard's path- top done
#12- Hidden forest- applique- Deer block done
#13 pin cushion swap - packed and ready to go
#14geese in a ring- 6 blocks are here
#15 christmas tree skirt- top done
#16 hexies- 43 flowers done and sewn together
#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- block #14 Jael done
#18 Boxes!- fabrics arrived
#19 McCall's #5 diamond in squares - Done and ready to mail
#20- roman holiday- kit
#21 Benertex floral quilt- top done ready to quilt
#22 Valentine's Round Robin- dec done and mailed
#23 Woven Stars for CT - DONE!
#24 Quilt it today #2- red, white and blue quilt- fabrics on the way
#25- easy street- top done, may need a border?
#26 McCall's #6 flower star- fabrics here
#27 McCall's #7- "crazy daisy" - fabrics here, waiting on solid white
#28- Book quilt- just planned
#29 and 30(December) twin boy quilts -spider web quilt,scrapping the spider quilt, planning twist on bargello instead
#31 "birds", #3 quilt it today- DONE and ready to mail
#32 winding reds" #4 quilt it today- fabrics are here


Chris S said...

Oh my gosh your baby is adorable!!!
Love that black and red quilt too :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Happy Birthday Bea!!! Love your blocks and your light table.

Cal said...

Happy birthday! It seems you had a great day!

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday, Bea!

Michele said...

It sounds like you had a great day. Happy Birthday. And I see that you are missing something new on your list. LOL

Janet O. said...

Hope you had a happy birthday!

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday! What a lovely gift too.

The picture of you two is precious.

Carla said...

Happy belated birthday. Your wee one is darling ; )

barbara woods said...

happy birthday bea