Tuesday, January 1, 2013

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- striped tumbler quilt

EQ7 tutorial Tuesday
Striped tumbler block
(having a block be your "fabric")
I woke up on Christmas Eve with this idea :-)
I LOVE my Go! cutter and especially love my FUNKY dies
One favorite is the TUMBLER block.
I've seen many quilters make tumbler blocks with strips of fabrics and I want to make one too, but wanted to sketch out what it would look like first.
Here's my idea.
first start a ONE patch quilt and go under LAYOUT and pick Trapezoid (H)
If you want to match the GO! 6" die, move the bars to the right size to 6" and 6 1/2" ( I did the width 6 1/2" just because it looked better) it doesn't really matter too much, it's just for visual purposes.
ALSO, do Quilt, New quilt and horizontal layout.

Now search for RAIL

I liked the rail block with 5 stripes.
Add that to sketchbook

Now pick what fabrics you want.
I picked blacks, white on black and black on white

On the horizontal layout I added 4 rail fence blocks and colored them all different.

Then click each block and EXPORT imagine, name them rail1, rail2 etc or whatever you want :-)

before you hit okay again, you get this box
have the size be 6" x 6"
and UN select the boxes to outline patches and blocks and hit OK
 Now go to fabric library and IMPORT from file

find your pics.
Mine are under YOUR DOCUMENTS/ My eq7/ Images
and don't forget to ADD these to sketchbook

The "fabric" may look like a normal fabric, but once you color with it, the stripes will show up, here it's the last 4 in my sketchbook
Here's some layouts I made- don't know WHY the blocks in the corners all white

Now you can also go and FLIP the blocks so the top fabrics are at the bottom.




Annette Schultz said...

Happy New Year Bea
I am trying out your tut ( looks fun ) and I am stuck on the export part of the images ... not sure what and where to do this. I am still learning with the eq. I'll dig out my book to try on my own but any help would be great. thanks.
in stitches

Annette Schultz said...

thanks Bea It works just like you said :)
in stitches

http://tubakk.blogg.no/ said...

Happy new year, Bea! This looks interesting. Have to look at it closer tomorrow. Now I've got a new blog, and I hope you will be my first follower. densyendehimmel@blogspot.no