Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catching up on Easy Street and another video

I've been catching up on EASY street.
AND I found my missing video, I thought I had lost it - deleted it but then couldn't find it on my computer after I downloaded it.
I might have shown these first few pics

These are the corner border triangles

Here's pieces for the blocks ready to be ironed
ready for assembly.
Now I mis counted or mis cut, but I am short over 20 green squares, so I figured I'd assemble what I can now and cut those later

I also worked on the Valentine's Round robin block, this is ALL I can show :-)
Now don't shoot me, but I just thought this heart fabric was cute, but I know it has green leaves... hope the recipient still likes it.
Here's the "missing" video
quilting swirls in large batik blocks and then curves on the sashing blocks
Now I have to do a shout out to Michele from Quilts from my crayon box
her and I often email back and forth and tease each other- I'm NOT mentioning her comment on my last post! :-)
anyways, she told me about the quilt summit in utah in the fall, uhh wouldn't that be fun to go???
I looked at the class list from last year and recognized lots of names, then jokingly I thought it would be fun to be a teacher there too. anyways.... don't know how I'd even manage to attend with a baby or a 1yr old by then, Sonja would be all over the place.
well, I'm always allowed to DREAM ;-)


Janet O. said...

The video doesn't show up for me.
Are you talking about the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest in October?

Needled Mom said...

I just love watching the quilting. It's fun to guess where you are heading next.

I like the black in your Easy Street.

tubakk said...

Your Easy Street is looking good. I have to find my pieces. Think I have too little greens, and I may have to wait for some new fabrics. But I can do some of the work, and you inspire me to do that right now.

Melody said...

Lots of lovely sewing here

Michele said...

Oops on the Easy Street.
Nice sneak peak on hte mystery mini. I like the fabric choices.
You're making me very jealous that I don't have a long arm machine yet.
Sewing Summit is a must since you're going to be my roommate so I hope you figure out how to make it happen. LOL I'll be waiting for you at the airport.

Sharyn Hutchinson said...

I love your videos Bea. You give me inspiration. I almost always use pattern boards when long arming. Too chicken to try free hand. Your videos make me want to try. Thank you!

Quiltingranny said...

The hearts are cute. Nice job!