Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ahhhh's are taking over

Most of you know that I now buy lots of fabrics on this group on facebook.
well, Tonya- the group owner, also makes hexie blocks!
recently she partnered with and they are now making her custom sets, look here
Until the other day, I always thought the Ahhhh's just stood for the sound you made when you saw them, but it means Artistic Hexotic Hecic Hillbilly Hexagons.
Here's one as an example! finished 3" hexie
Now me and one other lady in the group have the PRIVILEGE of coloring these for Tonya before she posts, how fun!! this is just one of my samples

Here's my first sample! using Riley Blake Serenata fabrics
this one I made last night, same templates, totally different look!

This is another one I made, it's called conference call, not loving it, but it's fun to make!
and I have another one prepped and ready to go for this afternoon when I sit in the car line waiting for the kids at school

They come in these cute little envelopes :-)

Did I show this picture the other day btw??
Sonja checking her e-trade account! :-)
she's sick today and had a fever last night, had to go upstairs and sleep in her room with her because she kept waking up daddy too. it's going to be a snuggle day today I'm sure
saw this on FB the other day too, tulip farms in Holland!! cool quilt pattern huh?
THIS is me to a T!! ha ha, I try but my house is not perfectly clean, if you look too hard the dust bunnies will eat you.

Let me see how much I can applique on this McCall's quilt today while snuggling with Sonja maybe in the Maya wrap, poor girl


Hillbilly Tonya said...

LOVE it; but mostly that photo of Sonja, that is hilarious!!!

Carla said...

That tulip farm is gorgeous! Enjoy your hexies. I'm puttering on mine

Janet O. said...

I marvel at some of the EPP designs people are creating these days. And I can't even get my Grandmother's Flower Garden finished.
LOVE the photo of Sonja--sorry she is sick.
The photo of the tulip farm is very fun!

Pat from Florida said...

Love the pieced hexies! Hope Sonja is better soon, but glad her e-trade account is doing so well, LOL!

Rosa said...

Enjoy your your hexies.Love the photo of Sonja,just lovely!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Sonja,Deus te Abençoe e guarde,já,já estes dentinhos aparecem e a sua febre vai embora,tá?Fique bem.VIU?Sonja pedindo Benção no E-mail?Cada vez que vejo um treco destes EPP eu começo um bloco,daqui a pouco....Não sei o que fazer.kkkk.BeijoGRANDE.

Janarama said...

That picture of Sonja is precious. She should be one of the e-trade babies. She is beautiful.

Janarama said...

Sorry, I forgot to say that I hope Sonja feels better real soon.

Michele said...

Cool hexies. And I hope Sonja is feeling better. Sick babies is no fun for anyone in the house. Unfortunately I know all too well.

Michele said...
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Sarah said...

How awesome are the tulip fields!! I wanna go see them, like now!

Connie said...

Great hexies and I love the photo of the tulip farms!! Watch out Bea....Sonja may be starting her own blog soon! Hope she is feeling better.