Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- creating quilt from block

Again this weekend, I was "playing" with EQ7.
And I saw "create quilt from block" - never noticed that before
after trying different things, here's what I came up with.
First, add blocks that have boxes in the block, like the four patch or nine patch (no triangles)
Here I added just the four patch, nine patch and nine patch within the nine patch, then modifed another block to make a four patch within a nine patch.

click QUILTS/ create quilt from block

the usable blocks show up on the left and show the quilt on the right
pick which ever one you want, now here I did a little match and figure a size divisible by 9, so I picked 54" x 54" (9x6)

ADD it to sketchbook

here's the layout on layer 1

Now insert whatever fun blocks you want!
here I did a few simple ones

and here I colored it
I believe this fabric line was called tuxedo

this was a four patch within a four patch layout

I liked to color the middle pinwheel here, adds a fun effect

do you have any ideas for tutorials?
something easy? something hard? a theme? anything... I'm up for ideas.


M-R said...

Very cool, Bea! i love seeing the variations.

Rosa said...

I would love some hexies and Hst quilts design.Thanks!

Carla said...


Siena Van Brabant said...

Thank you for this tutorial. Electric Quilt had a challenge this July and August 2014, to create a quilt using this very same technique. I was quite confused about the requirements until I saw your tutorial. What a great help that was.