Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial tuesday- hexie baby block fun


Hexie Baby Block fun!

This may not be so much a tutorial, I just played around with the baby block setting. Hopefully it will inspired you to play with baby blocks too!
Start off with a new quilt and have the setting be baby blocks.
QUILTS/ new quilt, baby blocks
it will look like this
add a bunch of blocks to the sketchbook.
I liked to look under "chain blocks" and other simple blocks
So it's pretty simple, just add them to the blocks and sometimes rotate the blocks
and color them anyway you want.
here's what I did.
(This is for Tonya!!)
Here I added some different blocks, do you see the cool star it makes in the intersection of the blocks? looks like english paper piecing.
after a bit of coloring

Then I added other blocks and colored them. so there's red stars and red hexies from either 3 diamonds OR you can turn it into a hexagon
here it's colored a little bit differently

Now a star block looks really cool in there too, it's all the same star block!

and with recoloring, it totally changed the look

another simple block mades more cool stars and diamond shapes

look what happened when I re colored it

a simple pinwheel block looks really cool here too

and fun to color

a nine patch within a nine patch, now I wouldn't want to PP this one!

but it looks cool :-)

another simple block again created a star and hexagon

after coloring it, the look is totally different

this block is called time and tide

after coloring it

and "rolling stone" block after I colored it

a basic pinwheel block again

and after I colored it

now some simple rail fence blocks, here's it's 2 rails

and 3 rails

a star block

now this was a fun block too "blue boutonneires"

Even more fun after I colored it

a four patch variation

after I colored it

a crazy flying geese block

So there you have it, lots of cool looks by changing the quilt layout first.
Play around and link up with what you've come up with.
and feel free to suggest future tutorial ideas


Cyn said...

OMWord! It just blows me away with the things you come up with. I had no idea that we could paste pieced blocks into the baby block layout! I'm still scratching my head a little bit, but I promise to work on this during the week. You are amazing and just stand EQ right on its ear! Prime.

M-R said...

Wow, Bea! When you do it, it looks fun! :)

Mommarock said...

I have EQ7. I wanted it SOOOOOOO bad. I got it, and it just sits there on my computer. I just don't get HOW to use it. So sad! I wish I could do all of the wonderful things that I see others doing. Making beautiful quilts with it. Having a book just doesn't make sense. I wish I had someone here to teach me how to really USE it.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Bea,estou chorando de alegria...verdade!Quero fazer isto tudo em epp,JURO que faço.Não tenho este programa mas,vou economizar até as calcinhas para comprá-lo.Obrigada,obrigada,Deus te abençoe.Beijo no coração.

Ruth said...

This is amazing!!!!

Rosa said...

Wow,thanks.Many favorites.All are just fabulous.The four patch varition in blue catch my eye.

Irene said...

WOW that is awesome. I have EQ7 too and I haven't experimented with it very much at all. You are inspirational.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Thank you Bea...I want to play and I love that you do these tutorials. I will be having to do some backwards looking through them!