Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial tuesday- feathered stars

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Feathered Stars

This may not be so much a tutorial, but it's more of a show and tell to high light the feathered star block and a few other tools.
so first create a new project and name it feathered stars
then in the block library, find the feathered stars and pick blocks that you like

I went back and created a layout to be 1 x 1 and 15" block

here's the star I picked and inserted

using the random recolor tool, select MAP to fabrics and click on the quilt

after clicking on the quilt, here's the result

I decided to change the layout to a 2x2 layout instead

I also used autoborder and picked single block pattern and selected on in the "6 repeat" section, here I did a sawtooth border

I flipped the borders to have the sawteeth go inward instead of out

This is what the foundation pattern would look like, I think this block may need to be a combination of foundation and rotary cut or template work.

Then I picked the random recolor tool again and picked "random"

this is the look after one click

I mapped to fabrics but then made it more in Christmas colors

here I flipped (not turned) the 2nd block in the first row and the 1st block in the 2nd row so they are all mirror images of each other

Then I decided to recolor in my favorite color scheme- blue!
I colored with solid colors first and started from the center and out.

with the default fabrics and recolor tool to match to fabrics, it looks like this- not enough blue fabrics

In the library I picked BRIGHT blue fabrics, selected them all and added to sketchbook
Then went back to my sketchbook and found the blue quilt with JUST the solid colors and opened it and recolored again to match to fabrics, now a totally different look.
(I did changed the colors of the sawtooth border)

Have you played with feathered stars??
If so, blog about it and link up or use flikr and link up.


I'm taking off next week for Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!!
Have a Blessed day, Jesus is the reason for the season.


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Obrigada,Que você tenha um Natal de paz e alegrias.E um Ano Novo de sucesso e realizações.Deus te Abençoe.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I've always liked the feather star. I cannot wait to find the time to go through all of these tutorials. I think it will happen before too long. Life is looking a wee bit up :)