Sunday, December 16, 2012

craft show

I finally have a little down time this morning, after a hectic few days and there's more going on this afternoon and tonight, this is just my BUSY weekend.
friday afternoon I spent at the school taping floors for the craft show, friday night my daughter had a chorus concert, then saturday morning at 6.30 I left for the craft show, that lasted until 2.30 and then we had another concert, after that a Christmas party in town, so this morning we stayed home, this afternoon I have to go to the cookie exchange, then tonight it's a church Christmas party. PHEW :-)
Here's a friday night concert pic.
thursday and friday I decided to make some i-pad covers

they are really cute, and I made 4 of them total, but none of them sold at the craft show :( oh well.

here's my booth.
I did sell 2 platypi (platyuses) and some coasters and a purse
I only sold for $50 and the booth fee was $25, so at least I made my money back, but money wise it's not worth it, but I still enjoyed it :-)

we crammed 25 vendors into the cafeteria this time

we did get good feedback from the vendors, and combining it with breakfast with santa created more foot traffic

I'm glad this has been/is a busy weekend, as it keeps my mind off of the terrible news from CT, having two kids in school around the same ages and living in a small town like the one in CT, it really hits home


SewCalGal said...

The craft fair sounds like fun and I'm sure help to raise money for the school too. I thought your ipad covers were very cute and surprised you didn't sell them all. But, I'm sure whomever ends up with them will certainly enjoy them.


Cyn said...

The Craft Faire sounds like it turned out well...maybe not as profitable as you hoped. YOur iPad covers are really nice. I don't see your Coasters, so they must have sold by the time the pic was taken.

Janet O. said...

I am surprised every platypus didn't sell. Those were my favorites! : )