Thursday, December 13, 2012

bible BOW, platypuses and cookies

Here's this weeks Bible BOW. Moses Mother.
we all know the story..... so I picked blue for the water, yellow(ish) for the basket and green leaves for the leaves or whatever greenery she hid in while watching moses.
I can't imagine having to give up your child like that......but nowadays, it's so precious to hear and see adoption stories. Moses saved his life by being raised in the palace. the same is true with many kids who are adopted today.
okay, a little fun here.
this weekend I'm part of our neighborhood cookie exchange, we each need to bring 72 cookies, plus the craft fair is this weekend too and we have a PTA bake sale too, so I figured I'd just make extras.

I found this recipe online on pillsbury's website, couldn't find gingerbread or pumpkin dough though, so I used plain sugar cookie dough, super easy to make!
I did use M &Ms for the noses instead of gumdrops, and after the first batch I found out that they didn't STICK so I added another chocolate chip on the hot cookie and let it melt and then popped the M&M on top, the pretzels get cooked with the dough.
we used a BIG bag of pretzels, a big bag of M&Ms (only the reds and almost all the greens)

I can out of space on the counter, so after they cooled we laid them out on paper towels on the dining room table. I think my son counted 115 cookie Reindeer!

and guess who multiplied last night? well not really, I finished them last night :-)

here's all 8, I will bring them to the craft show this weekend, but if they don't sell, I have 6 I need to GIFT anyways, 3 for my kids and 3 for next week, we're going to a birthday party for Jesus! so the kids will exchange presents too.

here's Sonja bug (who's in 3-6m clothes BTW, she'll be 4 months tomorrow!)



Janet O. said...

Those reindeer cookies are very fun! And I love the platypuses even more today.
But Sonja is the cutest thing of all! And you are one busy Mom!!

M-R said...

So much cuteness in one post!

Rosa said...

Sonja is adorable!

legato1958 said...
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legato1958 said...

Love reading your blog! And seeing cutie pie pictures of Sonja.
Merry Christmas!


Dayquilt said...

LOVE the reindeer cookies! How did you get the antlers to stick? Did you stick them in the dough before cooking? How did you keep the pretzels from burning? On the sugar cookie dough wrapper they use frosting, I don't think I want to do it that way.