Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday - Saving custom blocks

Since I've done a tutorial on downloading fabrics and saving them in your library,
I was thinking that I can do the same thing with custom blocks!
something I haven't done before until now.
So here I created a quilt with 2 custom kaleidoscope blocks- I took another kaleidoscope and modified it with more or less lines.
Under libraries go under block library and select SKETCHBOOK

Copy those two blocks and under MY library, ADD LIBRARY, I named mine 2012, then it defaults again to 10 sub libraries, the first I named accuquilt as shown here

you just right click and select MODIFY STYLE to rename it

I named it kaleidoscope and then hit PASTE, notice that it didn't keep the fabrics but a solid color instead.

Unless you are working on a quilt that has the same fabrics, the blocks will stay as solid colors, but if you enter the blocks into another quilt and have the old fabric, then it populates the fabric right away.

So I opened up another quilt and went into my library of blocks and picked my blocks again and added to sketchbook

Now I didn't show a picture, but the kaleidoscope block DID NOT match up with the lines of the nine patch, sort of how the pink is in the background, so I went in and modified this block

First I removed the center lines

like this, and then removed the rest, so I had the corner triangles at the corners left

 could be a nice snowball block!

but that's not what I wanted, I wanted a nine patch, so I drew straight lines from those points and then deleted the triangles.
Of course I could look at the ruler and see where it starts and stops, but this is also in case the block is irregular and you don't have a good measurement of where to start.

here's the modified nine patch

and the quilt all done
I liked the nine patches with light green better.
Now, a fun way to "play" with the colors, is the recolor tool on the right, I selected that and chose RANDOM

then clicked on the quilt
this is the first click
2nd time

3rd time

Then I picked the recolor tool again and chose MAP TO FABRICS

this is the result
I wasn't loving the white border and I wanted more dark blue so I changed the border to the blue and colored parts of the kaleidoscope blocks.
A totally different look than the christmas quilt first

I would love to see some custom blocks you've made in EQ7.
Link up!
And any suggestions for future tutorials?



SewCalGal said...

BEAutiful. I am not sure if it is anticipation of the upcoming Holidays, but the design with the Christmas colors really catches my eye. This design needs to be turned into a quilt. Love it!


Carol said...

Thanks for the tutorial. The random recolor tool is new to me. It's really fun.