Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Test voting on which crazy daisy quilt should I make

I am trying something new, and hopefully it will work.
I asked Brent at linkytools if there was a way to vote for MY designs.
He said there IS, so this is my test on that.
You know I've been buying fabrics from Tonya here, come join the group!!
I got a few more crazy daisy fabrics and they are all washed and ironed.
So of course I HAD to play some more in EQ7.
Some of the last fabrics I don't HAVE (yet) and I see I forgot one, it's just like the bottom left funky flower but in pink and orange
So have a look and let me know which one I should make
#1 with white around in a zig zag pattern
 #2 same thing, different layout

#3Isosceles Triangles

#4 Simple stars

#5 lots of applique

#6 Log cabins with white

#7 Kaleidoscope and 9 patches

#8 Scrappy Stars

#9 Rails and pinwheels

#10 Log cabins

#11 blooming nine patch

#12 pinwheel boxes

#13 boxes

#14 Calico cats (go! die)

#15 funky flowers

#16 flying geese

#17 Jacobs ladder- HUGE and tiny pieces

#18 larger blocks and offset jacobs ladder

#19 Knots
So look here and vote (LIKE) AS many as you want!



♥Duff said...

I hit the like button--did it work?!

Cyn said...

Oopsy, don't see where to click to vote. You've designed some great quilts, but I like #10 the best - love all the value changes. The 'linky' one is very nice, too. Was that #21? lol. Don't remember the number.

Karen said...

I can see why you need a vote, so many great choices. Can't you make them all? I voted for several, bur if it makes a difference "white stars" is my favorite of the bunch.

Cyn said...

#8 and #19 [I "remembered" the wrong numbers in comment]
The links are working great now, Bea.
Good luck with your project[s].

Hillbilly Tonya said...

the blooming 9 patch is so different, I love it!

Gene Black said...

I think it worked. I voted for "knots"

Michele said...

I voted but there were so many choices. Maybe next time narrow it down to your 4-6 favorites.