Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- serendipity blocks

EQ7 tutorial Tuesday!
Serendipity blocks

Ever played with the new "serendipity" feature in EQ7??
it's a lot of fun!
There's a LOT of pictures on this post.
First start a new file- I named mine serendipity.
Then add a bunch of simple blocks to the sketchbook.
Go under BLOCKS, at the top select BLOCK/ serendipity and whatever option you want, I chose MERGE block

You will get a box with your blocks from your sketchbook on both sizes.
Play around with both right and left side and don't forget to ADD to sketchbook!

I kept adding the same block into itself a few times, a cool effect!

Here you can see how it started :-)

On this block I had to CLICK in the block in the middle to choose WHERE to put the merging block.

Here's my merged blocks in the sketchbook. READY to play!

You know I LOVE blue, so I colored this block in all blues.

here's what a quilt looks like with the block, kind of busy!
I added sashing and borders to calm it down a bit :-)

Now another option under serendipity is KALEIDOSCOPE
here's a four patch turned into a "kaleidoscope" block

Now this is COOL!

a star block looks cool too

and this funky star block

I created this funky star block as a whole quilt.
Don't know WHY I picked brown and yellow, DON'T like those colors. oh well.
after playing around with colors a bit- MUCH BETTER!

Here's another serendipity block- FRAME a block, pretty simple, like an attic window

another fun option is TILT a block

you can adjust the TILT degrees.

Here I added my fun block serendipity block

Addingthe shoo fly block
then I FLIPPED every other one and played with more BLUES!

Another option is CLIP and FLIP, if the block is symmetrical on both X and Y axis, nothing will happen

But looks at the little icons below and click the different options, this one is kind of fun!

Hey, I know this one!!

Now look at the 8 pointed star block, this is kind of fun too

Or this other funky star block

taking a more complex block, makes the result very complex too
The 8 pointed star modified block looks like little beaks or ribbons in a quilt!
another option is shrink and flip, not much change on a symmetrical block

but this funky star is kind of fun like this

Now the tilted blocks give a preview of how a big quilt would look

Another option is to CREATE a star

You can change the numbers of points

the four X block turns into a cool block

this one is fun too

Here I created a block with two alternate star blocks

Then colored then like icicles- my favorite color- BLUE :-)


Now GO play with the serendipity tool and LINK up!



Debuko said...

Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing:)

Rosa said...

Your new designs are jut wonderful.Love to see how you play with that tool.

CeLynn said...

If I had EQ,this would be super fun to play with :) Thanks for sharing!

Cyn said...

Super great post, Bea. Seredipity is one of my fave things to play with in EQ. I've never tried woring with 'frame', though, so will have a go at that one. Thanks for great pics to explain what you did.

Cherry said...

Awesome tutorial Bea! Love the results and the wintry blues... Thanks for sharing Ü

Connie said...

What a great post Bea and love all the examples you showed! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

Michele said...

Very interesting. Saving this one for future use.

Carla said...

Another great tutorial for my bee to try. Thanks for sharing!