Tuesday, November 27, 2012

EQ7 tutorial Tuesday - picture quilt

the other day I was playing with eq7 again- no surprise right?- well that's how you learn!
I noticed a PICTURE quilt, under new quilt option, so I played around a little more and figured I'd show you what I came up with.
First start a new file, I named mine picture fun, then go up to QUILT/ NEW QUILT and Photo patchwork
You'll just get this grid as your quilt for now.
Then go back to QUILT/ import image for photo patchwork

I imported one with a high contrast, because the other day when I played around I did simple portraits and there wasn't that much contrast, this kite shows up better for blogger anyways.

don't worry that the picture doesn't fit the whole quilt just yet.
Now go under the layout tab and change the layout to whatever size you want the squares to be and how many in each row and column, you can also change the shape of the block. I kept mine as squares and chose 1"

Go back to the photo tab and select RESIZE- the middle button

Then enlarge the photo until it touches the top and bottom of the blocks, don't worry that it sticks out on the sides.

Then slick SHOW IMAGE right above it and it will turn into pixels

Go back to layer 1 and it fits inside the blocks now
I then used the eyedropper and picked the blue background color and colored the borders the same color.
Here's some pics from the other day

Now go play with this picture option in EQ7, I want to see what you can come up with! then link up



Needled Mom said...

That is pretty neat. Are you going to make it for real now???

barbara woods said...

you won some cute fabric on curly pop

barbara woods said...

no it was on celtic thistle i think

Janine said...

Wow! You could make some amazing quilts with that :)

SewCalGal said...

Great tutorial Bea. I haven't played with this feature in EQ7. I definitely will give it a try. Looks like fun. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.


Carla said...

Well that was cool.
Thanks for sharing these great tutorials.