Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy Street isn't so easy.... can't decide

I am a sucker for joining a good mystery quilt!! last year was so much fun!- though I wasn't 100% happy with the end result, as I changed the colors around, and I haven't even quilted it yet!
anyways here's the link for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt-along
Even though I have the women of the bible quilt -along too, plus a few deadlines for magazine quilts, I just can't help but wanting to join.
BUT I can't decide what colors to use
Bonnie listed Aqua 3 1/4yd
 Lime Green 3yds
Purple 2yds
Grey (the only constant) 2 yds
black on white print 4 yds
All these in scraps of course!! (except the grey)
So this is my pile, but I don't have a solid grey and this paisley is too close to the black on white- which I don't have enough of anyways
SO, what if I used a solid grey instead of the grey and then moved the paisley in the black on white pile?

our friend Gwen gave me this cool red and blue fabric from Singapore, I've kept it for something "special" but I figured that if I keep thinking like that, the special thing may come and go several times, I have 4 meters of this ( close to 4yds) but it also has this neat border design going down one side, so.....
#2 would be
floral = aqua 3 1/4yd
white= green 3yds
red= purple 2yds
pale yellow = grey 2yds
blue(light and dark solid) = white 4yds
(it's a lot of solids though, which might be NEAT, I don't know)

Or a blue and green version but I'm splitting up the fabric "bundles" I got from Tonya, but then again I can't just keep saving them for whatever fictional project I have. hmm
turquoise pile = aqua 3 1/4yd
Blue florals = green 3yds
pale yellow = purple 2yds
white = grey 2yds
Green and green dots= white

Now again from Tonya I got a deal on this small dotted fabric - 4yds of it so that could be my "white"
light blues= aqua 3 1/4yd
White= green 3yds
yellow = purple 2yds
orange= grey 2yds
DOTS = white 4yds
(again a lot of solids though)

Or what about a winter version- I do have another birdie winter fabric on the shelf.
reds= aqua 3 1/4yd
white = green 3yds
blue= purple 2yds
black = grey
winter fabrics = white 4yds

now I also got these boyish novelty fabrics from Tonya- I do have a plan to make two quilts for some twin baby boys, so maybe pooh and then trains would work? but then again they are SO different.
yellows = aqua 3 1/4yds
green = green 3yds
white= purple 2yds
blue = grey 2yds
pooh and trains = white 4yds

What IF I just used the trains (or rather transportation) fabric and not the pooh one.
And maybe I can split the quilt in two for the twins.
Reds = aqua 3 1/4yds
yellows = green 3yds
blue = purple 2yds
trains= grey 2yds
greens= white 4yds

So what do you think?? I just can't decide...
give me just a minute to upload the linky pics, then vote by LIKING them



Cheryl Willis said...

you do have some thinking to do. now that we have seen the first step it may be easier. I am happy with my background and constant. cw

heartsease54 said...

Bea, I say Bea (imagine Foghorn Leghorn here). You have driven yourself right into indecision. But that aside I like #1 best, but that may be because I am doing it in Bonnie's colors since they happen to be colors that I love. I think the colors in #4 look kind of blah (maybe my monitor). But any of the others would work, depends on what you want your final result to be. Good luck with your choices!

Cyn said...

Gee, you have so many options I think it will be hard to decide. Maybe whittle the piles down to two or three choices. It might be easier to decide. Good luck. Have you tried something like a 16-patch block in EQ7 with your color choices to see how they work together? That could help... maybe.

Melody said...

All are fabulous but no. 3 is my choice.

Connie said...

I like your first choice with putting the paisley with the greys. All the different combinations would make a great quilt though.

Vickie said...

I'm seriously considering making this mystery quilt, but I'm like you, can't decide on the fabric!

Mommarock said...

I love the color combination with the light blue and the orange!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am not with everyone above I guess. I like the colors in number 6!

Quilter Kathy said...

That is both the fun AND the torture of a mystery quilt! So many ideas, and tough decisions to make :)
I like the idea of a scrappy quilt, so I would probably vote for the piles in #1 with the dark grey. Enjoy!

Debbie said...

Well, I can't decide either, Bea! But I 'liked' #1, because I really do like the use of the black and white fabrics. Also, I trust Bonnie, LOL!

Teresa in Music City said...

I voted for #1 Bea, I just love the colors Bonnie is using :*) And you seem to have plenty of the 3 main colors, just needing to add a few whites.

I liked the idea of using the trains fabric and having a home for it already, but I'm thinking that those trains need to be used in a different pattern - one that has some big pieces to show off the trains. Bigger pieces than Bonnie cuts hers. If they end up 1-1/2 inches, you may not even see the trains.

Good luck with your decision - you wore me out thinking this morning! :*D

LuAnn said...

I have seen several blogs where quilters are doubting their grey choice...and I'm right there with you. I went to Lowes and got the paint chips, matched a grey close to it, but there isn't much contrast between that and the grey. With yours I think I like number 1 because the dark makes the other colors pop. Also, love your Holiday Lane pillow!