Sunday, October 28, 2012

when you are bored and waiting for fabrics, you EQ!

I'm getting a HUGE package from Tonya this week, I can't wait, I "need" another project... or rather a leader and enders project.
Tonya is selling fabrics for CHEAP in this FB group, so I went a "little" nuts.
So while waiting for this package to get here I was playing in EQ7 again :-)
This was a "boring" basket file I had and I had downloaded these cool black and white fabrics, so I played around with them

Here's another line of fabrics called "flutter"

Back to the "mystique" b/w fabrics

Then I found an accuquilt file, I have this calico cat die and haven't used it. would make a cute boy quilt?

or a girly quilt

then I found this cross file I had made a while ago, inspired by a blog, but I added triangles to the corners.

Then THIS line I'm getting from Tonya this week and without adding any other fabrics, I think this would look cute.

I'm getting 1yd of these, so I made the quilt bigger to fit that.

Here's another kaleidoscope flower file where I used these fabrics, though I like the crosses better

Back to an accuquilt file, I had these tulips, so I was playing around

You know I love BLUES! so once I got these fabrics going I was playing around again

Now Tonya is taking pre-orders for this GORGEOUS "atlantis" line, this would be a cute runner

again I tried to keep it under 1yd for each

looks better with this border!
now I didn't preorder any of these yet, but THIS might be the one I would make. hmmm

what do you think?


Carol said...

black and white are intersting. Love the bottom quilt with the border.

SewCalGal said...

Wow, you blow me away with all your beautiful designs. Love them all.

I think you need to find your device to your embroidery machine and make that cute puppy quilt using Marjorie's ME design. It really stitches out beautifully and quickly too!


Hillbilly Tonya said...

Love them!!! And those atlantis. Oh man, I just cannot wait to get them.
Thanks for the shout out. It was nice to come home and see it :)

Michele said...

Too many options is what I think!