Thursday, October 18, 2012

stupid picasa, round robin

stupid picasa tonight, it won't show all my latest pics, so I had to upload these to blogger which takes forever!
Here is a peek at the last round of "round robin"
it looks good in person:-)
Then today in the mail I got this funny laminated folder thing

It's from when I was in the newspaper 2 wks ago, now the back had a card from a local insurance agent..... which is not a company we use, kind of creepy to get this but also kind of cool....

I finished a customer quilt last night, this quilt gave me such a hard time, I quilted the first row and then after I forwarded it a bit, I saw the tension was ALL off, so I can re SKIN the whole row, which took 4 hrs! grrr. but it's all fixed and looks great now :-)

cute horse fabric in the middle of the blocks

I quilted meandering and leaves with the occasional swirl on the leaf.

AND finally I got the missing fabrics from Kaufman. wee!! can't wait to cut into these soon
and these Kona solids

of course I had to show a baby pic too.

I was going to show more, but need to get picasa working....


Silvana said...

Beautiful baby!

Michele said...

Cool Round Robin block and yummy new fabrics. How about sending them my way instead? LOL