Thursday, October 18, 2012

or maybe Stupid me? I figured it out.. EQ7pics

After searching online I tried to update picasa and then searched for help.
And found THIS
If you have this trouble too. Go under TOOLS and folder manager and click on the folders you want it to search thru every time and click that blue circle arrow icon...
well I meant to show some pics from EQ7
First, I bought a line of fabric "crazy daisy" from my friend's FB group here
it's an awesome group!! and CHEAP fabrics.
Here's a layout from my accuquilt file, I added solid white, still not that much contrast though.
here's another kaleidoscope one, still not much contrast

I actually woke up this morning with this sort of boxy idea, so I tried this! hmm

then flipped every other box, I like it better!

but I LOVE this... all in white

I added all 8 fabrics I bought and LOVE this :-)

tried to change it to a crooked ladder look but I think I like the offset boxy look better

a flying geese layout, not enough contrast

it helped to add a red, but I don't LOVE it

a simple four patch and white is nice...

Or isosceles triangles

here's a simple star, not enough white

a funny applique file I made a while ago

this file I think was from EQ's website I think, it's called waffles, I just changed the colors

with this line of fabric needs big blocks and lots of white.


Pat from Florida said...

I really need to learn to do all my EQ7 can do! Geesh!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

You know the one that you said you love, I love it too!!!!!

Cyn ;-) said...

Looks like you really turned the program on its ear! Good for you. Thanks for the nice eye candy.

MoeWest said...

I really like that offset boxy design.

Melody said...

Looks like you had lots of fun playing around.

Carol said...

I love the off set boxy look with the colored borders the best. White borders second. But definitely love the offset boxy look. Fun stuff.