Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EQ tutorial Tuesday Rail fence border and first linky party and GIVEAWAY

EQ Tutorial Tuesday


Rail Fence Borders!

I had several people ask about the rail fence border when I did the fall blog hop.
Here was the layout

Doing a Rail fence border is EASY!!
You can do it different ways, but first let me show you the way I did it with THIS one.
I created the main part of the quilt, then the first border.
(my block size is 9" BTW)
The first border is 2" wide.
Now I took note of the SIZE OF QUILT INCLUDING THIS BORDER!! which is 49"
then I added the 2nd border and chose BLOCK and I picked 7 blocks on each side, it's divisible by 49
(the cutting is 2 7/8" but that's okay)

Then back to layer 1, I found a rail fence block and added to the sketch book.
(you don't have to pick a block with just 3, it can be more or less rails, that's up to you)

by holding down CTRL and the block, I clicked the second border and this is what it looked like.
Then I went back and pressed ALT button AND rotate block button while clicking each side of the borders to rotate the rails around to go clockwise around.

Easy Peasy!!
I may not be able to list a tutorial EVERY tuesday, but if the inspiration strikes me I'll schedule it!
Now this is my first time trying LINKY tools, I figured these tutorials would be a different way to link up. so play with these ideas and link up from your blog, showing how you played with the rail fence borders.
I wrote about Judy Martin's star power yesterday.w
It's an awesome ADD ON to EQ7. If you would like to win this one, link up with a project that preferrably has a rail fence border and then comment that you did and I will pick a winner next tuesday the 23rd. (You can also link up from flikr or similar sites if you don't have a blog)
Winner has been picked!





Michele said...

Great tut. Now I just need RQ to try that myself.

Gene Black said...

My link isn't a new project but it is one that I used EQ to make and I added the fabrics in! That is such a wonderful feature!

Gene Black said...

I linked, really I did. It just isn't showing up and won't let me link again.

Petit Design Co. said...

I linked as well (not showing up) I think you have the settings on the list to "approve first" or something like that.

Jo said...

How coincidental! I was working on a quilt for a gift. It's a fence rail quilt and I was playing with various borders. Here's is one trial I did with fence rail borders.


Carol said...

I've added my link. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize. I hope you continue every Tuesday with a fun Tutorial.

Carla said...

Thanks for the nifty tutorial. I've saved this post so I can go back and try soon I hope.

Cyn ;-) said...
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Cyn ;-) said...

Ooopsy... the images just popped up. *g*. I'll go find my image and link up. Thanks again.

Cyn ;-) said...

Success! I got it to work. lol. My image is posted and linked.
Hi Bea,
Another great tute! Thank you.
I did a RF border in an EQ layout, modified it and added applique blocks. My image is above in your LinkyParty. Your method is more direct than the previous way I learned how to do this... yours requires fewer keystrokes. Thank you so much.
Thanks too for the op to enter your drawing.

Virginia said...

I don't have a blog to link to but I will use your tutorial for the rail fence border anyway. Good luck to those who have entered.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Bea. I've used the "blocks" type borders in EQ before to create a piano-key type border, but this is easier, when the math works out! I've done the Linky thing to link our blogs.

Unknown said...

OK, I guess since I use Wordpress and not Blogger, my previous comment didn't identify me....Judy M, and I posted the Scrappy Christmas Tree Quilt.

Darlene Gerber said...

I had just finished a quilt using a Rail Fence border. Check out the DS Rail Fence link that's mine!! This is a great go to border when I have 2.5 inch scraps left over from the quilt!! Thanks Bea!