Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EQ Tutorial tuesday : Downloading fabrics

How to download fabrics and "play" with them in EQ7

I have showed on Electric Quilt's Blog how to download FAB files from Connecting Threads here.
Now I wanted to show how to download jpegs from online to add to your own library in EQ7.
I picked Riley Blake fabrics and under "coming soon" I found this neat Mystique fabric line here
a nice line of fabrics in black and white and grey.
First RIGHT click on each picture and download each of the jpegs.
MOST OF THE JPEGS SHOW A RULER AT THE BOTTOM! open up each jpeg is your own photo editing program and first REMOVE the ruler but pay attention to how long it is, (most of these in this line were 8") THEN change the size of the file to be 8" wide and save them all like this.
takes some time but worth it.
Now open EQ and pick a layout you want to change or make your own.
Here I picked a Drunkard's path file
Click, LIBRARIES/ fabric library and then MY library
In the bottom of this window, click IMPORT from image files

Find where on your computer you saved the fabric jpegs ( I made a folder called FABRIC then inside one called RILEY BLAKE etc)
Click and hold CTRL + A to select all and click OPEN.
Once they are Imported, again click CTRL A and add all to sketchbook.

They will appear at the end of the sketchbook and maybe look a bit blurry, but they'll look great when added to the quilt!
Here's the drunkard's path quilt and a few others

Now if you want to add these fabrics and have access to them while working on other quilts,
first select MY library tab
then click ADD library in the bottom left corner, here I named it Riley Blake and chose 10 styles (standard)

Then I imported the fabrics again and copied them into style 1.
CTRL C and select the Style 1 folder and PASTE or CTRL V
Now you can rename the style one by right clicking and "modify style" then rename it whatever name the collection has

here it's sweetcakes

I had downloaded 5 collections and named them.
Don't forget to SAVE the library.
Now you can access these by clicking MY LIBRARY in any quilt you are working on.

here's a quilt using RB Flutter fabrics
RB On the go fabrics

RB sweetcakes fabrics

RB flutter fabrics

RB Happy ever after fabrics
Link up with what fabrics you've downloaded and played with in EQ7 :-)


Gene Black said...
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Gene Black said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I have tried to do this before and it didn't work out well for me. I had "jaggedy" edges at the bottom of each fabric and it showed when I used it in the design.

Melody said...

EQ looks amazing.

Gene Black said...

I linked up even though the post I linked to is very old! LOL.

Cyn ;-) said...

I'm still a bit foggy on how to do this and will need to re-read your tute and follow it step.by.step. lol.
Thank you for sharing all this info. I really want to get proficient at doing this.

Troy said...

Hola me gusta mucho la ayuda que pones del programa, yo tengo el EQ5 y no me aclaro ¿me podrias ayudar con algunas indicaciones para empezar?por favor, mi correo es: charonga883@gmail.com
Gracias y saludos desde Valencia (España)
Espero vuestra contestacion

Carla said...

Sent this post link to my email so I can sit down when I have more time and try.
Thanks for sharing!!

Marian said...

The hard part for me is on this.. When your resizing, is the size you resize to always 8 inches? Or is that just for this line?

Either or, great tut.. I have downloaded some fabrics, and definitely am going to try this.

AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

Hello! I am so glad to find your wonderful blog. I have no idea about EQ7. It is not very user friendly, so your wonderful blog will probably be my go-to to find tutorials.
I am trying to put in custom fabric in EQ7. I have saved the pictures, and am using infanview. But I don't find a place to make them inches. I just see pixels. Do I need to find a different photo viewer?

The Quilt Rambler said...

thank you for this clear tutorial, I will be back for more!

Jen Strauser said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I was able to upload the Island Batik fabrics I wanted to play with. Now I just need to learn how to resize the wonky ones.