Friday, October 12, 2012

EQ fun

I was planning EQ tutorials for the next few tuesdays and I've downloaded fabrics online and played around a bit, here's what I did.
(I will show you a tutorial on how to download fabrics soon)
It's a good idea to look at the layout in small like this to see if the contrast is right.
here's a kaleidoscope quilt

a simple snowball quilt

girly kaleidoscope quilt

another kaleidoscope quilt

and a different one in columns

kaleidoscope with alternate rail fence blocks and sashing

black and white and grey

attic window

rail fence fun

fall log cabins

blue log cabins

stars in a star quilt

with different colors

appliqued flowers and stars

strip quilt

flower kaleidoscope

different alternate blocks

valentine's hearts

what are you working on?


Janet O. said...

Wow, if I had this to play with I would probably never actually quilt. : )

Shannon Ownby said...

Great designs!

Carol said...

You're like a super woman! How on Earth do you find the energy and time to do all this and take care of a new baby and a house and a family. I bow to your super crafty-ness abilities:)

Melody said...

This has been a fabulous post. Thank you.

Cheryl Willis said...

love the black white and grey layout. I too would be worried I would never again sew, just design TO DO's into the wee

Carla said...

Holy cow so many designs...I love them all. Can't wait for your fabric download tutorial. My bee did some downloads but it ended up being not as easy as the book says it should be.
You're tutorial will be soooo helpful.
I hope you solve our boo boos. LOL

Michele said...

Ultra cool. I can't wait to get it from Santa this year.