Thursday, September 20, 2012

quilting orange brick quilt and more

It's been a few days since I posted so I figured I'd post a little here.
I've been busy taking care of a certain little one.
Here I had put her in her crib- she did NOT like it.... boohoo
I've also worked on the outer border for McCall's #3 quilt, this is all I want to show.
Just wait and see :-)

Yesterday a customer dropped off 2 quilts and she brought this KIT called roman holiday which I'm buying off of her for CHEAP!

Yesterday and today I finally quilted this orange brick quilt, my neighbor who pieces and quilts all by hand had made this top and didn't like it so she gave it to me earlier this year!

I quilted an allover swirly design, this time I tried a green spool from Connecting threads, since it's thinner than my signature threads I had to change the tension. The place online where I buy my signature threads, don't carry it anymore, so I am thinking about switching to CT threads, since they are very affordable, I might want to test out a few more quilts to be sure. I want to work with 100% cotton threads and that's hard to find in a cone so I may have to just work with spools. we'll see.

here's the backing, a pale orange- well not as pale as this.... I might just have enough of it too to make binding for the quilt, we'll see.

I half smile here :-)

and I know some of you love to see doggie pics too, here's a pic of Peanut under the kids craft table.

I wanted to show too what I do when I don't quilt or when I'm feeding sonja.
I play on the computer, there's a few games I always go back to!
One is Civilization 3 (have 4 but don't like it as much)
and BIG fish games, big fish is great! you can trial play games for an hour before you buy it.
here's a puzzle game I was playing and I imported a personal picture and played that.

AND guess what!?
McCall's want 2 more quilts made!! woohoo

here's another update on my 2012 list

#1 welcome to the hive-turned into a pillow DONE!
#2 lotus quilt- DONE!
#3 blue flower table runner- DONE!
#4 pumpkin star pillow- DONE!
#5 red mini star table topper- top done and ready to quilt DONE!
#6 Bunny table runner- DONE!
#7 wonky house block swap- DONE!
#8 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#9 pineapple black and blue quilt- giving these a break now
#10 Blue star quilt- top and binding done
#11 Pine tree BOM- MARCH is done
#12 Next Stitch STAR- Done!
#13 snowmen table runner- DONE!
#14 Elenar Burns star Go! die- pieces cut for a scrappy look- SCRAPPED!
#15 aqua owl- DONE! and made a pair of hotpads too for a neighbor
# 16 geese in a ring- DONE!
# 17 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - top done- skipping the border
# 18 Little twister blue- SCRAPPED
#19 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
# 20 small embroidered trees (4 blocks) - DONE!
# 21 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 22 Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
# 23 black, red white asian quilt- DONE!
# 24 color block swap- top is done, done and quilted!
# 25 fall leaf blocks swap- top done
# 26 Baby gingham dog boy quilt- DONE!
#27- a doll apples quilt- DONE!
#28(jan 2012) need to quilt 2 donation quilts- done and mailed off
#29(jan) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show - main quilt top done without border
#30 (feb) jelly roll quilt- DONE!
#31 (feb)5 x 1yards of beige/ black batiks- DONE!
#32 (mar) won 9 march BOM -dotted flowers -from pine tree guild- top and binding made
#33 (mar) batik quilt for McCalls - DONE!
#34(mar) #2 quilt for McCalls- DONE and shipped
#35 (all year) Round Robin swap -september sent out
#36(mar) Dr seuss baby shower gift- DONE!-gave to neighbor
#37 (april) blue strip pieced blocks - DONE!
#38 (april) won a pattern and two charm bundles- Baby quilt DONE!
#39 wonky block swap -september sent out
#40(may) Civil War Legacies- DONE! extra blocks ready to ship out
#41 (may) blue and white lil' twister- DONE! missing label
#42 (june) berry squares quilt- DONE!
#43(June)neighbor gave me orange and green brick quilt top- quilted top, ready for binding
#44 (june) - circle in a star purple batik- black fabric is here
#45 (June) - Hidden forest- applique- working on first block
#46(June) fabric balls - finished #10!
#47(june) pin cushion swap - sent out september
#48 (July) McCall's #3 quilt- outer border appliqued
#49 (July) smooth sailing (CT bundle)- blocks done
#50(July) Lorax quilt- top done
#51( july) geese in a ring- 6 blocks are here
#52 (july) christmas tree skirt- top done
#53(july) hexies- 43 done and sewn together
#54(august) women of the bible quilt blocks- fabrics are here
#54(september) Boxes!- fabrics arrived
#55 (September)- Woven stars - done!
#56 (September) McCall's #4 - ordering fabrics soon
#57 (September) McCall's #5 - ordering fabrics soon
#58 (September) roman holiday- kit


Carol said...

The orange brick quilt is cute. Nice deal there. Totally agree with the saying at the end of the post:) Photos of Peanut and baby both snoozy peacefully at the bottom of the page is cute too.

Alycia said...

Great quilts!! But the baby is the star of the show!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I agree with Alycia. The baby is the shining star :-)

The Amateur Quilter (Mike Pearson) said...

Ooooo.... I love how well the baby goes with that quilt :)

Michele said...

Busy, busy as always. And that certainly is no Peanut. LOL. Congrats on the 2 new assignments.