Monday, September 24, 2012

Cleaning my machine and EVE!

I know you want to see another baby pic :-)
Here's Solveig holding Sonja.
Saturday I decided to clean my sewing machine since I couldn't remember the last time I did it.
well LOOK at all that lint! 

Here's my "tool" for that, an old stiff paint brush, it's great for grabbing the lint.

that's how much lint was in there. 

now it's all clean!
when is the last time you cleaned YOUR machine???
go clean it :-)

I had to show this too, my husband buys organic eggs and got a DOUBLE in one egg, how rare is that?

Yesterday the kids flew a kite. perfect weather for it.

I brought Sonja outside too
 (now my husband could have told me her tummy was exposed!)

I made some labels for the woven stars quilt and the blue lil' twister quilt this weekend too.

AND the BOW with women of the bible has started already.
This is EVE!



Carol said...

I admit my machine gets that bad sometimes too. Naughty, naughty I know:/

Pat from Florida said...

Your Eve tooks great!

Cal said...

Love the photo of the sisters together! So sweet.
And that is a lot of lint! I did clean mine not long ago, after more than a year not having done it. I use the brush attachment of the vaccum cleaner.

Tracy Johnson said...

Sweet pics of the girls.

I am not a neat freak but I am a clean freak, yes there is a difference! I clean my machine at least once a week, just a quick brush and oil. I learned through trial and error that my Pfaff likes to have her bobbin wheel oiled every time I change the bobbin. Yes, she is a real princess.
Funny that you should show this today. I have 2 baby quilts that need quilting for my aunt (I need done in 3 days). So, I wound all my bobbins and oiled, cleaned and sweet talked Fanny (my Pfaff) and did a tension check......NOTHING! She was sick sick sick, she would not grab the bobbin thread. I checked her out real good then took her to the doctor. She needs minor surgery and I will not get to see her till after Oct. 7th!!!
Thankfully, back in March my husband bought me a back-up (teach my kids to sew) machine. I don't know how well Babs quilts but we are about to find out. She does not have near the harp space but if I keep it to straight line sewing it should work.

Melody said...

You've reminded me to clean my machine. I must confess I hardly ever do it. I love seeing little Eve -what a sweetie-pie. said...

Har nettopp rengjort symaskinen min, og det trengtes. Prøver å gjøre det ofte, men det blir aldri ofte nok. Kos deg med din søte baby!

Anonymous said...

Your Eve block is bright and beautiful. Love the pics of the eggs and the baby. I clean my machine every time I run through a set of bobbins. That's about ten. Even though I use good threads like Mettler and Aurifil, there's always lint. It's a fact of life! LOL

Needled Mom said...

We always want to see such cute pictures!

That's a lot of lint!! My machine and the wheels of my sewing chair collect more than their share of junk.

Michele said...

That is a ton of lint. Wow. My machine would have been acting up big time if that much gunk was in there. And yes Lucy has recently been cleaned out herself.

SewCalGal said...

Such a cute photo with the girls. And, I would have never noticed the exposed tummy if you hadn't pointed it out. Very cute!

Great reminder to clean our sewing machines. Amazing how fast that lint builds up.