Sunday, July 22, 2012

new camera and making quilt labels and more

Guess what I got as an aerly "birth" present!
a new camera, I had been strongly hinting at this and told my husband he had until mid august to get one :-)

Here I am with my new camera !

What a guy!
(my son took this picture of us)

Of course I have about 100 goofy pics already, just playing with setting and zooming in and out.
This was yesterday morning outside

Yesterday and today I'm working on labels for quilts that were missing them, I didn't know my pile what THIS big... it's taking a while

here's my ol' brother machine doing all the work.

I also sorted the threads for the machine- I'm noticing a BIG difference in threads I got on eBay for real cheap vs gutterman embroidery threads, you get what you pay for!

Yesterday I decided to trim back out cherry tomato plants, we only have two but they grew out of control! of course I had to take some pics too.

My son picked the ripe tomatoes, this is just one of many containers he picked, he counted 213 tomatoes yesterday!

And THIS came in the mail yesterday, from the RWB blog hop, I won a halloween charm pack and sign, I'm really not into halloween, the charm pack is cute though, but the sign I have to pass on to someone else one day.... ( I didn't know it would come in the package, otherwise I would have said to pass it on to someone else)

My husband took this picture of me driving yesterday.

And I didn't forget about Peanut! trying out the zoom again :-)

Lastly, my wonderful neighbors threw me baby shower too! it was great, I got tons of diapers and wipes and a diaper genie :-) I never used one with my kids when they were babies, I just used a trash can, but I figured a CERTAIN furry guy above would just LOVE to dig into the trash full of stinky diapers, so I put that on my wish list.

I am very Blessed!



Teresa in Music City said...

Oh what fun - a new toy! You got some fun pics! I have a lot of quilts that need labels too :-)

Melody said...

Happy Birthday - what a fabulous present.

Crickets Corner said...

What a great present to get! I love the picture of the field with the morning mist. Looks like you are doing a great job learning all it's operations. You can always use the charm pack for a giveaway. There are lots of us out here that love Halloween and making Halloween wall hangings and quilts.

Janet O. said...

Wow, DH came in with that one way under deadline. Good job!

Michele said...

Sweet, sweet and more sweet. All the pics are terrific. Can't wait to see more.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Halloween doesn't fly around here either. I never comment on blog posts that are about Halloween.

Peanut is so adorable. Keep practicing on him :)

Cheryl Willis said...

I'll trade you the halloween fabric and plaque for a set of fats in solid pastels I have not figured a use for.

Now of course now that I say I will trade I can think of several uses- lol

Carrie P. said...

your new camera shows lots going on in your life. Lots of good things for sure.

Just Carol said...

I'm glad you received the package, but I'm sorry you weren't too happy about the sign. Maybe have a giveaway on your blog and give it to someone else or donate it to Goodwill?

Connie said...

Congrats on getting a new camera Bea! Great photo of you and your husband too and it looks like you had a wonderful baby shower!