Monday, July 9, 2012

A little bit again

I know I've said it before, that I'm working SLOW these days.
Here's a few things I/we've been working on.

Over the weekend (I think I started friday) I sorted thru the baby clothes that was handed down, I was amazed at how much it was! This girl is SET..... Now the two top shelves are 0-3m, then 3-6m, 6-9m and last is 9m and up and blankets. AWESOME AWESOME!!

I also emptied out the gift bags from my shower, of course there were a few NEW outfits :-) they are soo cute, and diapers!!
My neighbors are having a shower for me TOO in 2 weeks, I told them I just need diapers and I guess safety stuff like plugs for the outlets, gates- boring stuff... Most of these ladies I see often and two of them are quilters, so it'll be nice to also just socialize :-)

And we cleared out the whole room! ready for some paint, I looked at a baby book and also sherwin williams paint palette and i think we'll do a light lavender, also because we have this big green chair and ottoman that we might move up as a nursing chair. - you've seen pics of the matching couch that Peanut USED to sleep on.

Here's july's wonky BOM, the outer border sure became skinny, so I MIGHT trim that down and remake it, we'll see.

the kids have kept me busy, I don't know how many times I've played mastermind with my son! he's getting really good at it!

My kids have also been doing puzzles, but then they ask for my help and I get HOOKED! I just HAVE to keep working on it, this is how far we got today after I did 90% of it and then the kids wanted to play monopoly, so I told them to pack this up and set up the game there instead of the floor :-)

When I'm downstairs putting my feet up, I've been working on these hexies, I decided to cut out just random scraps and after they were cut out, I thought it would look like a MESS! but now that I have several together it's kind of fun..... what do you think? should I continue or do others with a "theme" like blue and green or something like that?

tonight I also put my neighbors quilt on the frame, ready to go tomorrow!

Be ready for tomorrow at 6am!! I'm having a NICE giveaway :-)

I also saw this cute video today- Simon's Cat.

Oh and I almost forgot, yesterday I got an email from Shauna, she sent me two pictures of owl pot holders she had made using my tutorial here

Shauna used buttons for eyes and feet, too cute!

You can still use the back as pot holders :-)



Janet O. said...

I love Mastermind and puzzles. Can I come play?
I think the scrappy hexies look great!

Michele said...

It sounds like a lot of things are coming together nicely for girl things, summer games and more sewing. Nice.

Kati said...

You have so much going on! Good luck with that new baby! What a great WIP! :) Love the hexies too. I keep seeing all these EPP projects and it makes me want to do it. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!