Friday, July 6, 2012

I am still here! berry squares quilt

I am still here, just haven't had much to show.

I'm almost done quilting my berry squares quilt. yay!- why did I pick such a dense filler design?
I got my son to take a few pics of me quilting with the big ol' belly.
6 weeks to go-almost or is it 5 almost? well august 21st :-)

I also have 3 customer quilts to quilt hopefully before I have the baby...

I also was able to make a video of how I quilted this

and on I have the pattern for sale here

it's also finally starting to HIT me that we have another baby coming soon, I/we have started clearing out stuff in the baby room- which was a junk room before.
After the baby shower I just dumped the gift bags in there too, plus I got so much baby clothes as hand me downs- awesome!!
I also have a neighbor who said she'd have a baby shower for me too, I think all I need is more diapers or gift cards for diapers... we'll see.

Stay cool! it's been around 100 in NC for a week, 104 yesterday, 96 today, I think next week will cool down a little. I hope.



Carrie P. said...

that was neat watching you quilt.

Mary Ann said...

Amazing quilting! I also didn't realize you were expecting another child! Congratulations, Bea!
Mange hilsner fra Holbæk! Mary Ann

Connie said...

Cute tummy Bea......not long now! It is almost that hot here so I'm just staying inside quilting too.

quilt happy said...

what's it going to be bea? thanks for all the help you gave me

Gwen Ziegler said...

Bea I watched the quilting this morning and I thought it was very interesting. I could not tell how you were operating the machine though.
I took the first step and and working on setting up a blog.. I have a lot to learn. If you post an address I could send you some diaper Money in the form of a gift card??? (wal-mart may be for your little boy?)
Oh I rec'd my first pincushion today!!!!!!!!!!! it is very nice. It came all the way from England... but I did not catch the First name of the person that sent it Ms Long Thanks

Janet O. said...

You make it look so easy.
Didn't know you had another wee one on the way. Congrats!

Alycia said...

Love it!!! You just need longer arms LOL!!! Stay cool!!

Michele said...

That was interesting to watch. I want to try it myself.