Monday, June 4, 2012

Pin cushion swap?

Who would like to join a pin cushion swap?
I've had this idea for a while.
I seem to have started a pin cushion collection, mostly all I've won!
so I figured a pin cushion swap would be fun.

What do you think?

Here's my idea.
How ever many sign up, we'll make one pin cushion per month and send to a person on the list
(I'll make the list) so at the end we've sent one pin cushion to each of the other participants and also received as many in return.
Now of course they have to be hand made!!
I don't think size matters.
Also they don't have to be all the same, if you feel like making something one month and not the next, go ahead.
ALSO, we'll get a list of color preferences of the recipients or anything else they like.
And I don't want this swap to break the bank! use scraps and fiber fill or whatever you want.

who wants to sign up!!?????

email me or comment here.
If we're "good" we can kick off july 1st or better yet, have the first one due july 1st?

International participants welcome...
And make sure when you comment that I can reply to you, I already got one No-reply blogger :-(


Mireille Solbes said...

I'm very interested but I live in France!!!

Beverly said...

Hi Bea,

I'd love to be part of your pin cushion swap. (I'm in the Hinterberg group with you, by the way.) I don't know how to adjust settings so that you can reply to me--sorry. You've written to me before, though, through the group. Hope we can figure this out. Beverly

Hillbilly Tonya said...

There are some great pin cushion tutorials going on in blog land right now. A monthly swap starting in can do. I am sorry. But I can always join in later, right?

My sewing time is very rare indeed so I have to be choosy, but I've talked about wanting to start a pin cushion collection!

Cherry said...

Bea, love your EQ designs, especially the maltese cross and attic window block! Such fun!!!
Love the pincushion swap idea and would love to join in the fun... so count me in!!! I think there's plenty time to start July 1st? lol..

Anonymous said...

Oh heck, why not!? I'll join, July is fine with me :)

Cherry Tree Quilts said...

Yes, I am interested in a Pin Cushion swap, too. Melanie from KK said...

Oh yes, I'd really love to take part. I think you already have one of my pincushions. I'm a non-reply blogger, but can't do anything about it.

Heather said...

I like this idea! Count me in.