Saturday, June 16, 2012

I think it's a record!

Yesterday I think I beat my record!
I had a friend come over and showed her how to long arm quilt, told her to get some yardage to just practice on before we started a baby quilt for her. So she practiced first.
then we loaded her baby quilt and I ended up quilting it for her- I forgot how nerves can get in the way and how I used to feel like that too....
we had a great time though! :-)
Last night I loaded quilt #3 on the frame, the blue strippy quilt.
So I think that's a new record, loading 3 quilts on the frame in a day!! well it's MY record anyways.
here's the quilt ready to go!
I'll work on it today.

also these came in the mail yesterday- about 4 months too late! (enough said)
I can't even remember how many I sent in, but I think it was more, but maybe it was only 6, I can't remember, anyways I wanted blue geese in a ring. some still had the paper attached on the back.

then I saw this? hard to see but one blue "goose" doesn't cover it all the way, so it has a hole! It happened to me on one of the geese I sent in, but I fixed it.
So I guess here I'll have to scrap this block! what a shame :-(

I already have a layout in mind, but have to play in EQ7 with it, how to just use 5 blocks.
I'm thinking of doing ON point setting, 2 x 2 and the 5th block goes in the middle. we'll see.
I'm sorry for sounding so negative about this swap, I'm just disappointed!
though I'm very happy with the 5 blocks that I'll use, they are GREAT!


Quiltingranny said...

How fun that you would teach a friend how to use the long arm. I am hoping to take a class at a shop near our town and then do this on my own!

Petit Design Co. said...

that is such a tiny "hole" I bet you could get away with some fray check on the front and back

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Swaps are not for me. I'd probably be the one that messed it up.