Monday, June 25, 2012

do you know what today is??

It's 6 months until Christmas!! are you ready??? LOL
here my kids are sitting in their bathing suits from when they were in the pool. and it's going to be 99 or hotter friday and saturday, NOT looking forward to that- being 7months pregnant.
way too early to think about Christmas. I haven't even thought about 4th of july yet.

I don't have much to show either as far as quilting, I'm still working slow and enjoying the time home with the kids and getting in the pool with them too :-)

I did finish pincushion #1 but I can't show it yet.

and here's another fabric ball, 6 octagons and 8 triangles.

AND friends at church had a baby shower for me yesterday.
I feel so BLESSED! I'll show more of the goodies when I unpack them and actually get the baby room ready. I've already gotten lots of hand me downs and things from people, but of course it's so nice to get new clothes for her and DIAPERS :-)

and here's today's harvest! we hadn't checked the garden in a few days also because we had a heavy rain the other day, or maybe it was two days we had that in the afternoons.

almost time for dinner, but wanted to post something really quick!
I'm making a squash and zucchini quiche!



Happy Cottage Quilter said...

ekkk!!! 6 months til Christmas. It sure seems like Christmas comes around faster and faster every year. I had two summer babies and I remember how miserable it was. Especially the one born in August!!

Christine L said...

Yikes only 6 months to go... WoW..and YOu have 90 degree weather...We still can hardly break 65 here and we are getting a lot more Rain than normal. I am still wearing 3 shirts and a sweatshirt to work everyday! Hugs to you during your pregnancy... Sorry it's so warm.. You can come visit me though :) Bring your sewing machine :)

Needled Mom said...

Did you REALLY need to remind us???? Holy cow...where is the year going?

We are still waiting for summer to arrive here. I'll gladly share our cool temps. The garden is so slow this year because of it.

It looks like you got some nice goodies at your shower.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, don't remind about how close Christmas is. I know it will be here in a flash.
How very nice of your church friends to bless you with a shower.
Maybe you could share your recipe for the quiche with me.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Oh, I do not have time to consider Christmas yet. Good grief!!

Aren't diapers the best gifts ever? I always give diapers. At least you know they will get used :)

Gwen Ziegler said...

Yep, I know 6months... I have made one of my Christmas presents and started on a second. It is a small table runner and as a new quilter I am pleased with the way it turned out :)