Thursday, June 21, 2012

another fabric ball, Lorax and a peek at customer's quilt

This post is just a mix of different things :-)

yesterday I finished a fabric ball for my daughter
here it is in all purple batiks!

then I was looking at my shelf with patterns and I found this one. I bought this last fall for I think around $25 for just ONE pattern! but it was SO cute. I don't care for the fabric choices though.
And then I looked at it and thought I could eliminate the middle part with the wreath on the side, the 4 matching floral blocks and also the horn flower arrangement, the it would be more of a rectangle that's wider than the height.... it's all applique and I think I will do machine this time.
tomorrow I'm going to the EXPO in raleigh, so I might just be looking out for a FQ bundle that would work for little critters like these... either in neutrals or brights, my other idea is to make the background BLACK! wouldn't that look cool? then the animals in all brights? we'll see what I can find.

I did manage to quilt a little on my customer's quilt yesterday too, I know the picture is out of focus.

and this is something for a FUTURE project, wait and see.

Look what my hand husband made for the kids! a cool funky pencil holder!

Today I was busy going to a dr. appt. I have 2 months to go!! not looking forward to the heat though, but it sure helps to have the pool set up..
when we got home today, this was in the mail! 

A Dr Seuss -the Lorax - FQ bundle, 9 fabrics and this panel.

are they fun and funky? I don't have a recipient for this but I have plans for something fun already... we'll see

Today TWICE I've been on the phone with our internet provider- century- stink- link
The internet has been up and down for at least a week and a half, finally now they are sending us a new modem.
So while I was on the phone today I came up with this in EQ- amazing what you can do while on hold!
Someone from the pin cushion swap said she liked ohio star blocks, so I looked that up in EQ7, I forgot which block had that name, then I also found a kaleidoscope block and played around with the layouts and borders

which one do you like better?


Hillbilly Tonya said...

Love that Lorax fabric! It is so fun. And I think it is a great idea to remove those blocks. It is cute as can be and those are the perfect ones to remove. I like vintage spool patterns, but I've never bought one.

Heather said...

I have that same applique pattern and am also planning to remove the same blocks! I have my fabrics all selected in much more modern prints and colors. Shades of aqua, orange, green, black, white and grey. I really should get started, thanks for the reminder.

Gwen Ziegler said...

I like the combo of the light and dark diamonds. I also like the quilt with the ?railroad blocks around the boarded.
The Ball is sure cute. Who are you making it for? New family member?
Love your blog.
Gwen Ziegler