Thursday, May 3, 2012

No more googly eyes, PLEASE!!

I think I'm done prepping for the craft show.
No more googly eyes!! I'm getting tired of them.
I know my inventory is not huge, but that's okay.

Yesterday before my dentist appt, I cut out and ironed down the parts for 3 sets of owl pot holders.

then today I finished them off.

Some of you may know that I love to listen to audio books when I sew and quilt, and I brought this set with me on the almost 1 hr drive to and from the endodontist yesterday.
I saw this as a new audio book at the library last week and got it, it's really fun!
"Miss Scarlet's school of patternless sewing"
and sewer should read/ hear this.

I wanted to let you know too what the endodontist told me yesterday...
well they DID take 2 x rays ( with double protection over my belly)
and Yes it's an abscess on an old tooth I had a root canal done on at least 10 yrs ago in FL, either it was not done properly OR the crown was not done right and germs got in or it got a crack over time and germs got in. either way it needs a root canal OR pulled out, I did see the comparison to the newer root canal and the old, the older also has a screw in my tooth, so my gut is telling me to get it pulled and either get an implant or a bridge, I'm leaning toward an implant, ANYWAYS, I'm not in pain and have had this going on for a while and it's just in my teeth, he said no risk that the infection would go to the baby, so it can all wait until after I deliver!! so that's good news! even though I'm seing $ signs.
This is the tooth that has been all messed up since day one. I gotta tell you this horror story!
so 10 yrs ago I got my first root canal ( I believe I had a big filling and couldn't be redone anymore)
so I got it done, then in the middle of it my insurance changed, so I had to go to another dentist to get the crown done (makes me think it was a regular dentist who did the root canal!) anyways I got this young female dentist to drill down my tooth and get fitted for a crown, after she was done drilling, she looked at my chart again and said OH OH!! (not what you want to hear in the dentist chair) she had drilled down the WRONG tooth, so I actually have another crown right next to this one on a perfectly good tooth!
the endodontist yesterday said there's a little dark spot near the edge of the "good" crown and to have my dentist look at that crown too, I don't trust that crown one bit!! well it lasted 10 yrs I guess that's good, but I now have 3 crowns in a row, what a mess! and I'm only 34 yrs old... SIGH.
and still after all this I'm not afraid to go to the dentist! never was. of course I don't LOVE it, but I don't mind it.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Darling owls! Awful dental story! We all have them though! I'd recommend going with an implant if you must lose the tooth. I have 3 (all in my mouth!) and it's as close as you can get to a real tooth, plus it doesn't require doing damage to the teeth next to it for a bridge. I sure hope you didn't have to pay for the crown on the good tooth!


Cal said...

Love the owls googly eyes! I am in the midst of a dental odyssey myself, seeing plenty of $$$ signs floating by, so I can surely sympathize! Take care!

Belinda said...

Love the owls! Sorry about the dental nightmare.

concretenprimroses said...

Those owls are so cute! I love them.
I just hope nothing goes wrong with my mouth ever again as my very talented dentist retired.
Good luck.

Michele said...

Very cute pot holders. I hope those owls stay away from the caramels. They shouldn't learn bad habits from the other owls.

The dentist issues make my own mouth ache. So sorry that you have to deal with it at all.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Really cute Owl Potholders! Thanks for Linking up to the Minutes for Me Linky Party!

Carla said...

Love those potholders. I wanna make some of those.
I hope that dental visit was free. Drill the wrong tooth???? That's terrible.

Patti said...

Oh, the pot holders are the best!! So sorry about your dental troubles, and happy that the baby won't be troubled by them.

Aubrie S said...

Your owls are so cute! I know how you feel about dentists...I had an awful experience with a filling that was done improperly. Still, I'm pretty much okay with them. It's got to be a tough job.

Glad to hear your experience went okay--it's wonderful that the baby will be unaffected. If you trust your dentist, I'd go with the implant.

Anonymous said...

What fun googly eyed owls!
Just got a crown myself this week. Hopefully I won't later need a root canal, which has happened several times, in the past..... I'd go for the implant. Bridges are hard to clean around and can break, then everything has to be replaced, bridge, the crown next to it... That was last summer's project.
Once a dentist gets his/her claws in you, it never ends..... LOL!

Kwiltz by Stephanie said...

LOVED the owls! How cute is that? Skipped the dentist story...hope you are OK!

Dayquilt said...

Love the owls! Did you do a tutorial on Sew We Quilt blog? I've seen something similar before, but can't find it now :(