Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little bit of fun

This is just a post about a little bit of everything :-)

Here's PEANUT- doesn't he just look SO neglected??
I've seen several blog posts lately with pictures of their dogs so I figured it was time to show one of Peanut again :-)

Well spring is in NC, more like summer already- oh I'm going to be miserable the next 3 months!

I don't think I showed this yet, a few days ago I decided to tackle the kids craft table, the door on the left is MY craft room and maybe 2 months ago, I got all their CRAP, stuff out and dumped it on this table, it was NEAT when I did it, but not so much anymore, and really the problem was that lots of it could be tossed and just needed to be organized more.

this is the end result :-) though it won't last long!

Did I also tell you we got a juicer? often my husband makes us a carrot/apple and lemon juice to drink with breakfast in the morning, this was night time, I've been battling with a cold for over a week now and this was lemon and apple juice, it's really SOUR (which I love) but with my cold, I couldn't even taste that!

also a beautiful sunset one night

Yesterday I went to Raleigh with 2 of my neighbors who quilt and we "finally" went by Wish Upon a Quilt, sorry I missed seeing you Mame!! I got one of the employees to take a picture of me in front of the quilt I long arm quilted for the store- so there's the proof- I was THERE! LOL

I picked up a blue and white FQ bundle there too, plus I got two little bundles from "tuesday" morning the other day, so those got washed as well.

at another store I got this PJ pattern for my kids, the sample in the store had outer space/ solar system fabrics and my son would just LOVE that.
They also showed us some 3D fabrics, ever heard of that? You put on the 3D glasses and the things on the fabrics really pop out, it was so cool! I almost bought some. there were 3 bolts, one with fish, dinosaurs and planets with ufos, I almost got the planet one, but don't care for UFOs so if it wasn't for that, I would have bought it on the spot. I'll look online for outer space fabric, the PJ sample in the store, they didn't have the fabric anymore.

I also wanted to tell you guys, I noted it in my other post, that I'm now a "partner" with
so if you click the button on the side here and place an order, I get a small % of the sales.
And did you know they have a customer loyalty program as well, I just read that yesterday, for every $2 you spend, you get 1 point and after so many points you can cash them in for gift cards.
I'm ashamed to say my account has over 600 points, Shh!!! don't tell my husband, that means I've spent over $1200 there over time. OUCH!   :-)

Now what am I going to do today? I am staying home sewing and quilting!!
I could quilt the "next stitch star" quilt
(which BTW I just got a T shirt in the mail yesterday for being a part of this)
Or I read a blog post today and saw several quilts yesterday, using the TWISTER ruler.... I really should make another project with that, maybe use my blue FQ bundle and I think I have some white fabric too..... do I really need another project?----- YES :-)
Or do something from my list?? Hmmm


Needled Mom said...

Wow! Lots going on there. The craft table looks fabulous.

I'd love to see some of that 3D fabric.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Awwww - Peanut is adorable!!
Your hydrangea looks so pretty - mine are just starting to color up.
Now that you've organized your craft room would you like to tackle mine - lol!

Alycia said...

LOVE how organized your kids' craft table looks!!! I want to get there someday - probably when they all leave home LOL

The quilt your quilted is adorable - the colors are wonderful!! Enjoy what ever project you tackle!!!

Teresa said...

Bea, great post! I bought the same fat quarter bundle at Tuesday Morning! That is so cool! I loved the colors. Not sure exactly what I am going to do with it, yet. What do you have planned for it? Check out my post for today. I showed what I bought at Tuesday Morning yesterday. I bought it mostly for the reds and greens to use in my Christmas quilt, maybe. Have a great evening.

CJ - Food Stories said...

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