Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ugh! I've been sick

My Last post mentioned that my son had the stomach bug tuesday with throwing up and "D", well I got it thursday! NO FUN... especially being pregnant.... woke up with it thursday morning at 3am and pretty much puked hourly until 11, then just rested the rest of the day and friday.
thursday I didn't eat anything at all, friday I only ate a little, my stomach is still in knots but I'm 99% better.
One little side note of the joys of being pregnant too, is that if I sneeze or cough I have to cross my legs because otherwise I pee on myself, so it was no fun standing in the middle of the night hurling AND peeing on myself.....glad it's over now. :-)

Okay on to some FUN stuff
During last week I did manage to make 4 portfolios for the craft show coming up
I got the pattern from Connecting threads over a year ago I think and just love these!

Last night we made home made pizza! ( you can tell I'm feeling better)
This is before...

and after, it was yummy!

I also had my husband take a picture of me (with stains and all on my shirt)

yesterday my in-laws also came to visit, they come about once a month and this time only gave me a day notice, so I had to quickly clean all the bathrooms and air out the house, I didn't think I was contageous anymore, but can't have them getting sick
My MIL brought me roses because it was earth day ( have no idea why! she's never done that before, but they are pretty!)


Barb said...

I am sorry, I had to laugh, not that you were sick but the other...glad you are feeling better, it is no fun being pregnant and sick. Love your not pad covers.

Mame Johnston said...

Love your folio pad covers. When is the craft fair and where is it? If I. Am in town, I'll come.

Michele said...

Yucko for being sick but glad you are feeling better.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh dear.
I have been through that and it is just miserable.
Hope you're feeling better now.

Carla said...

Poor thing. I'm glad you're doing better.

Wendy said...

oh, dear Bea ... here's to feeling better and staying better ... As for the roses, never question the reason, just enjoy them!! Take care of you!