Thursday, April 12, 2012

color picker with photoshop and EQ7

Yesterday we went to the zoo and today we are recooperating from the trip :-)

I finally found my photoshop CD and got it installed on my laptop because I wanted to play with it and make little "palettes" using the color picker and then transfer those to EQ7.
which was harder than it looks.
You can't just import a picture into EQ7 and use the color picker, you can do it with fabrics but not the colors, so I had to copy down the RGB values from each color in photoshop and enter them into EQ7. I was inspired to do this from several other blogs.

I usually don't show pictures of my kids on blogger, but today I will.
here's the first picture I made a "panel" for
(it's actually super easy to make this in photoshop and once you have one made you color lay another picture on top of the old and pick new colors and color in the color boxes)
Here's Bjorn with his big Yellow Bear

and a quilt layout using the colors from the panel

another picture of solveig at duke gardens

I don't really like that PINK in there, so none of these layouts appeal to me, but hey I tried :-)

another one from last year when she lost her tooth

I tried to stick with more of the pinkish colors so the color palette is nicer, all kind of mid tones, but that's okay. It was fun to play with

what do you think?


Carol said...

I really like the second quilt done with the pinks, greens and purples framed with the black border:)

Elaine said...

I like the one on the bottom, pink and grey, looks the most complicated pattern though. Great program, will have to look at that. :)

Sue Daurio said...

what fun, I think I would get lost in Photoshop and EQ7 for days if I tried something like this :)