Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Tag

Oh oh! I've been TAGGED by traveling quilter

I've seen these on blog recently. should be fun!

here's Debbie's questions for me

1. What is your favorite part of making a quilt?  Hmm, I don't think there's a part I DON'T like.
I like to design a quilt in EQ, pick out fabrics, cut the pieces, piecing it, applique, long arm quilting, I even like adding the binding and label, it's the last thing and then it's DONE!

2. If you could choose anywhere to vacation this year, where would you go?
It would have to be NOW since I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant, due in august, we're NOT going anywhere this summer. My vacation this year and money will go to the hospital! I would love to go back to Denmark- where I'm from- to see my mom and friends. I've always dreamed of going to Hawaii too one day and actually Australia too, a trip to Israel with church would be cool too.

3. What is your least favorite color, and have you challenged yourself to use it in a quilt?
my least favorite color is ORANGE ( THE color of 2012, I never liked orange but actually like the grey/orange combo that I've seen around, I haven't used it yet as a focal color in a quilt though, but I do add it sometimes in quilts, my lotus quilt I'm quilting now has a bit of orange in it and the McCall's #1 quilt I sent out had a bit of orange amongst other bright colors, so that way the orange was kind of hidden :-)

4. Which quilt are you most proud of? Post a photo, if possible.
Uhh I have many I really like (and some I don't- but you can't win them all!) the nicest one I made was "my" bargello mirage which won me an international ribbon in washington in 2010, I have it hanging in my living room and have it on my business cards and on the back of blogger here
The pattern is by derek lochwood.

5. What is your favorite season of the year?
When I was a kid I loved winter, my birthday is in january, so maybe that's why? when we lived in FL, it was hot and hotter all year round, so i missed the cold too, now that we live in NC, fall is just gorgeous here, last fall I went to the mountains and it was breathtaking!

6. If you could keep just one of your quilting books, which would it be?
wow, I'm stumped here! just one quilt block??? I don't know... I like so many blocks.
I was given one large embroidered block that shows two ladies quilting together and reads "making memories----- one stitch at a time.... I really like this block and want to make it into something special, not sure if a pillow OR a small wall hanging, but this one is MINE!!- not giving it away :-)

7. What quilting skill or technique are you hoping to learn or further develop by the end of the year?
actually JUST yesterday, I received a package from a swap and in it were a few flowers made from paper pieces hexagons, the way it was put together was much neater than I've ever done, maybe that's why I didn't get into it much, but after seeing these I ordered almost $30 worth of shapes from www.paperpieces.com I also got some hexagons so I can make some quick squishy balls, like the ones I made for my kids. Also last night I found some teeny paper hexagons and glued them to the fabrics provided so I will play with these today, mabye turn into a cute pin cushion, I don't know.

8. If you have one, tell us about a piece of fabric that you just can't bring yourself to cut.
I've HAVE had pieces like that, but it's gone now, I learned my lesson!
when my son was a baby, my mom sent me some RASMUS KLUMP fabrics from Denmark, it's a cartoon sort of children book series. I kept this fabric on the shelf for several years waiting for the "perfect" project for it, then one day I looked thru my stash and realized that my son was almost getting too big for it, I think he was almost 6, so I ended up making a turning twenty quilt for him, which he still has (amongst others of course) like his solar system quilt I made for him for his birthday the year after I think. ( I can't find a picture of the solar system one right now)

Now it's my chance to TAG a few people

Vanessa at Crafty Gemini

and here's my questions (some are the same I was asked)
and show pictures if you can

1. What is your favorite part of making a quilt and least favorite?
2. Which quilt has been your favorite you made so far?
3. What quilting skill or technique are you hoping to learn or further develop by the end of the year?
4. What is the largest and the smallest quilts you have made?
5. what's your favorite color and least favorite color for quilts?
6. What's your favorite quilting tool/gadget?
7. What's your favorite snack/treat when you quilt?
8. Have you ever won any ribbons at quilt shows? if so how many? if not, TRY!!

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Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am a paper piecing fanatic. I just am in LOVE with it. That is what my Thursday Ahhhhh hexagons are. You will find when the little one is born that you may not get much time for the machine. It's nice to have some hand work close by.