Sunday, April 29, 2012

all over long arm quilting feathers on customer's quilt

I just finished quilting a customer's quilt with all over feathers.
This was a kit/pattern called barefoot in the park
you can buy the pattern here
I actually emailed Canton village Quilt works and asked her for a close up picture or a link to the feather design, she sent me a link to a panto design and I just looked at it and made my own FMQ version :-)

here's the feather's close up

now this was a cool quilt, it's reversible! so I tried my best to measure both top and backing and lay the top in the middle so the borders would be pretty close to centered, which is very tricky when you have to mount it on a long arm frame, it may just be an inch off, but that's okay :-)

I also took some video and posted on youtube
since this was FMQ, sometimes I did a loop echo thing around the side of a feather to get to another starting point and then started another feather design, this way it looks more random and doesn't look like a long feather "snake".

I did finish blocks #1 for the bubble gum quilt, still haven't made much more for the craft show though, which I really SHOULD!!

what are you working on?
have you ever tried FMQ feathers?


Jackie said...

Fabulous! The quilt looks great and the quilting is terrific. Love the video too! Thank you for the shout out!!

iluvmybugs said...

Love how you did the quilting Bea and enjoyed the video!

Melody said...

So beautiful

Carla said...

Very nice!

Janine said...

This is a beautiful quilt and your fmq is wonderful. I enjoyed watching how you did those feathers :)

Carol said...

The feathers look fantastic! I'm disfunctional with free motion feathers:)