Friday, March 30, 2012

paper piecing palm trees and quilting

I decided to make this little quilt.
I cut out all the papers and today I started on the palm tree blocks (since they are the hardest)

here's the pieces all cut out and ready to sew, I actually finished all the block parts now and have to trim and take off the papers.

This package also came in the mail today, I won it at the blog hop!! woo hoo 2 charm packs and a book about charm quilts, 7 patterns with 3 versions of each, they are all small but SO cute, I'll pick one and maybe use both charms on it.... If I NEED another project??

What I did most today, was long arm quilting a customer's 90 x 90" quilt, with swirls and feathers.
She knew it was crooked and I helped trim a little but then decided to just quilt it as is and trim afterwards, the whole quilt was large blocks and patches all set on point with sashing only running from top left to borrom right, that would be SO easy to get crooked, there's no straight lines up and down! I'm sure she'll be pleased with it :-)

have you ever heard of
check out here, it's hilarious!!
about english signs or translations in china etc....
my son's quad manual should be on this site too, when he first got his quad and I read the manual, I about peed on myself, all the errors and mistakes and things that didn't make any sense.
well have a look and FUN HAVE!! :-)


Kristy QP said...

Loving the planned paper pieced quilt! So cute! Look forward to seeing it all put together!

Gorgeous swirl quilting - I bet your customer will be thrilled with it!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

You are one of those neat and tidy paper piecer's. I kind of just chop and sew and such. But I love paper piecing!