Friday, March 16, 2012

Name Game mini quilt swap

I was so excited yesterday when I got my mail, a soft package from australia!
I sent mine to australia too, but not to this person :-)

this is what was inside, isn't it wrapped cute?

then I opened it up and this is what I got! I LOVE LOVE it.
it's so cute!!

there was another little gift in the package, a little chain thing for the swan scissors ( which I DO have)
and a little bear at the end, I love teddy bears.... I know the picture is blurry, but you get the idea.

it was hard to find a spot for it, as my studio has slanted walls so I only have two straight walls and both have either a door or a window in them or speakers etc.
so I put it by the door.
just a mismatch of stuff hanging there but I like it!
the name quilt is at the top.
below it to the left is an embroidered danish christmas cross stitch from the year I was born, it's old and I don't know who made it, I like it so I haven't taken it down after christmas. next to it are two small cross stitch pictures I made several years ago, bought the EXPENSIVE kits in denmark, they are based on a famous danish painter from Skagen- the northern tip of DK, my mom used to live close to there and two years ago I took my kids home and we walked on those beaches too.
Next to that is a small flower appliqued wall hanging, my first needle turn appliqued piece from a class.
I then have pictures, notes, GO! die charts pinned to that too and my Go! cutter below it on top of the stereo stand.

Thanks again MELODY
she has a blog here

Now I can finally reveal my mini quilt to Tracee too
Quilt kitty loves life
she has two cats!
I thought she had 3, her note mentioned each one by name and their quilt titles, like CEO, fabric chooser etc... then I saw Tracee as a name and I looked and looked on her blog for a picture of this cat named Tracee and realized it was HER!! LOL good thing I didn't stick another cat applique on there and turned her into a cat by mistake!


Carrie P. said...

Both of those are so cute.

Janine said...

What a fab package to receive. The mini quilt you received looks great on your wall and the little cats you made are really sweet too!

Cindy said...

What adorable quilts!

Kris from DukeSaysSewWhat said...

Very cute! I love the cats on the one you made!

Stephanie said...

Sew cute!! I love both of them. What a fun swap!

Quilt Kitty said...

My furboys are sure I am a cat too Bea, just one with thumbs who can open cat food, thank goodness, so you couldn't have gone to far wrong. Melody always makes beautiful gifts. I love her mini quilt, it's so pretty. Tracee xx

Richard Healey said...

I just love all the mini quilts that have been done in this swap they are just amazing.

Melody said...

Hi Bea, so glad you liked your mini quilt. I really enjoyed making it for you.