Thursday, March 29, 2012

more EQ fun

Today and yesterday I've been playing with EQ7 again.
I found my missing kaleidoscope CD ( It was under a pack of printer paper and I just put the last of that paper in the printer last night, so that's when I saw the CD)

first are a few layouts for the electric quilt challenge they have every month at club EQ
this month's theme was LETTERS
if you have EQ7 or even 6 you should DO it, I recommend 7 because then at the beginning of next month, whoever participated gets a copy of everyone else's EQ files and you can "pick" them apart and see what they did, it's pretty cool

Do you see what my letters spell?
oh, and this is a new feature in EQ7 (I don't think 6 has this) it's called making a WREATH, so I drew free hand the letters and put them in a wreath.

this one below is the layout I sent in. I wouldn't mind making this now!

Now back to the kaleidoscope CD, I picked one fun kaleidoscope block and omitted a few lines, I like the symetry and the non "crookedness" of this block.
And you know I love bright colors.
I'm trying to be better with doing fun borders too, so here's "points out"

just doing blocks on theborder is kind of boring

even doing a diamond in the corner with a solid border is "boring"

then I made it into a one block layout and added the points out border just on the top and bottom, it's kind of fun and would be a fun table topper or wall hanging and fun to just make ONE block and see if you like it.

connecting threads got a new line of fabric MASTERMIND, so I downloaded the FAB file and tried to color this with it.

can't remember what line this was, I think it was just under "asian fabrics" in EQ

what about grey and black and white?? I like THIS!

so I went back to the old layout and changed the colors there too

the star points were a little washed out so I made them black

a 3 x 4 layout instead od square

here's the block!

then I make another quilt with another kaleidoscope block, don't think I changed anything here and you know me I LOVE blues.

changed the alternate block to snowballs

Then I came across this lighthouse block and figured I'd try a beachy kind of quilt.
so I also picked some fish and palm tree blocks and made the layout in rows, which I rarely do

I found out the strips on the fish would be teeny tiny if I had 6 across so I changed it to 4

and then darkened the background on the palm tree blocks, not sure which one I like better
I think a small wall hanging would look great in my kids bathroom, they just got an underwater shower curtain, so this would be CUTE!

and something different. a knotty quilt!
I came across the knot block and put the setting on point, then went back and modified the blocks for the side blocks and the corner blocks. I kind of like this block, another quilt I wouldn't mind making

so should I add 3 more to my list?? if I'd make anything, I might just do the scrappy ones where I don't have to buy fabrics right now, even though it's been a while, I got spoiled by getting free fabrics for the mcCall's quilts, well okay I also made the Dr seuss quilt recently... so.... I can wait....
I GUESS.....


Christine L said...

You've inspired me again Bea! I will be off to get that EQ7 Software tomorrow after work :) looking forward to playing with it!

Connie said...

Beautiful quilt designs Bea....I need to take time and just play with EQ7, it is so much fun!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I sure wish I lived near you. I have so much EQ to learn. I've finally ordered it..but a round about way to get it less expensive. It hasn't even been shipped to her I am sure it will be at least 2 weeks before I see it. But I did get that companion book (teaching how to draw blocks) in the mail yesterday.