Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The color wheel

The other day I downloaded a color wheel pic and started playing with it
I just LOVE colors (as you know)
I've never seen this complicated of a color wheel, but I liked it :-)

so I started playing in EQ.
Here I did a "split complimentary" layout
Split complimentary is where you pick a color and cross straight over the color wheel but instead of picking the opposite "complimentary" you split to each side.
so here I started with red and used a "blue-green" and "yellow-green"

doing the same with yellow was closer, since complimentary of yellow is violet and next to those are red violet and blue violet, and I toned these down to pastels, so they are pretty close in color now

now using a blue as the starting point, I picked the two colors that were right next to blue on either side, so a "green blue" and "violet blue"

Here I used the blue and the complimentary orange but added a light orange also.

same with yellow, the complimentary is purple/ violet and the 2nd one I toned down

of course we all love the red and green combo, merry christmas!
see how nice the complimentary colors always look!?

Now this one is a double split complimentary or rather instead of doing the straight split complimentary I jumped anothe space.
so a dark purple and the 2nd split would be green and orange, first I did the bright version, but it almost hurt my eyes so I toned down the green and orange and made the purple darker

How about a primary color layout? makes you feel like a kid!

there's a magic wand tool in EQ where you can then match to fabrics from the pallette and this is the result, not too much kid like anymore, but any kid would still like these colors I'm sure :-)

Now I changed the blocks a little but and made a complimentary layout again, here with 4 colors, a dark and lighter version of the same complimentary colors blue and orange
(a dark version of orange is brownish)
it doesn't look bad, I just never liked orange

 and here's the fabric match for this one

Complimentary of the two most popular colors red and green and making a light green and a dark red with it, these always work together

funny how the fabric match made it totally different, but it's still nice

blue and green combos are just two spaces away from each other on the wheel, well depending on the wheel you are looking at, green is the secondary color right next to the blue.
here it is with the fabric choices

purple and yellow are complimentary.
looks fine, again I don't like purple that much either, but I know the colors work together :-) 

and the fabric choices for it I actually like better

so what do you think?
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Melinda said...

You are not the only one getting spam. I find it very interesting that I didn't get this much until Blogger put that word verification on everybody's blog. As soon as I took it off, Spam City! It's almost like they had something to do with it.
I really want to work with a color wheel some and help branch out my ideas on color combos. There's a lady in my guild who is wonderful at it.

Carol said...

How fun to see all the changes next to each other. I love playing with colors.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am actually going to teach color theory stuff on my blog when we get done with the Lone Star book. I too am color crazy. Always have been.

Connie said...

Looks like you are having fun in EQ, it is always fun to play with colors!

Cherry said...

What fun! I too looove color - that's a great colr wheel!

CJ - Food Stories said...

Love this color wheel :)